How To Prevent Dog Bites

How To Avoid Needing To Hire A San Diego Dog Bite Lawyer

In order to prevent the need to hire a lawyer after being attacked by a dog, follow these steps:

Your dog might be your best friend, but not all pups are the same.

Sometimes dogs may bite. Under any circumstances, a bite has the potential to be dangerous. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States.

One in five bites will become infected. These type of injuries can cause pain, trauma, nerve damage, illness, and possibly even death.

Once you have sustained an injury, you may need medical treatment, including therapy, prescription medications, doctor visits, or surgery. A San Diego dog bite lawyer can help victims to navigate the medical and legal system.

Ideally, however, you can avoid needing these services or the help a dog bite lawyer by reducing your risk of becoming a victim.

Do you know how you can help prevent a dog bite from happening?

Read on to learn how to play it safe around pups!

Your Guide to Preventing a San Diego Dog Bite From A Dog Bite Accident Lawyer

Many pet owners are completely unaware of the facts surrounding this terrifying topic. Although it may be difficult to imagine Fido attacking or harming someone, unwitting owners may be putting themselves and others in danger.

Prevention relies on educating yourself about the reality of risks involved. The most responsible thing that you can do is to know the 4 W’s of dog bites. Learning who, when, why and where canine-related injuries are most likely to occur might prevent you or a loved one from becoming a victim.

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You: The Shocking Truth about Dog Bites

It might surprise you to know that most dog bites that occur are from dogs that are familiar to us.

Having a dog in the home increases your risk of being bitten. The more dogs that you have, the greater the risk. Adults with two or more dogs are five times more likely to be bitten than those that don’t have any in the household.

The breeds with the highest record of fatal bites reported?

Pit bulls and Rottweilers together made up 77% of fatal attacks reported during 2016. And the deadliest duo contributed to 76% of all dog bite victim fatalities in the years between 2005 and 2016.

But of the two breeds most likely to bite, pit bulls killed one victim every 17 days during the twelve year period mentioned above. While rottweilers killed at a much lower rate of one victim every 102 days.

A high percentage of victims resulting in fatalities reported for 2016 (42%) were just nine years old, or younger. The remaining 58% of fatalities were made up of adults ages 30 or older. For 67% of the adult victims, pit bulls were held responsible for the cause of their death.

In 2016, females and children were among those who most often suffered a fatal attack.

The Center for Disease Control, however, reports that men and children are typically the groups that are bitten most often. Although, it does not differentiate between fatalities and other attacks sustained for these two groups.

The Often Unspoken Warnings Attached to Your Dog

Here are a few things that dog owners should keep in mind based on the information that’s been reported from recent years:

  • Children are at an increased risk of suffering both fatal and non-fatal attacks
  • Pitbull owners need to exercise extreme caution when allowing their pets to interact with people
  • Owners of rottweilers should also practice heightened safety measures when their pets intermingle with household members and visitors
  • Men, women, and children are all at risk of becoming a dog bite victim
  • Having a family pet increases your risk of being bitten
  • Owning more than one dog boosts the likelihood of an attack.

If your dog causes an injury to another person, you could face serious legal consequences.

Authorities can charge you with a violation that could carry a penalty, including a fine or even incarceration. You might also face repercussions in civil court.

If your dog attacks you or a loved, or causes a death in your family, the consequences extend further than the courtroom. Many people have lost children and spouses due to the harm inflicted by a four-legged family member.

You may consider Fido to be harmless, but you should never trust your pup to be alone with an infant. Even if they are not aggressive, a playfully intended bite can carry deadly force when sustained by a newborn.

Exercising care and caution is always recommended to pet-owners for the safety and welfare of people and animals.

6 Tips to Prevent a Dog Bite From A San Diego Dog Bite Injury Attorney

These tips could prevent an attack from a dog from occurring, and might even save your life.

Here are some rules that’ll help keep you and your family safe from dog bites:

  • Don’t approach or try to pet an unfamiliar dog
  • If a dog makes contact, curl up and be as still as possible
  • Give your pup plenty of one on one attention
  • Keep your pup away from crowds or unfamiliar visitors
  • Don’t panic if you are attacked
  • Teach children and other dog safety rules and practice never leaving children alone with pets.

There are times when, despite taking precautions, you or a friend or loved one may endure a dog bite. If this occurs, you should call a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible.

Why Every Victim Needs a Dog Bite Lawyer

It’s important that if you are bitten, you know that it doesn’t mean it was your fault. And, it doesn’t mean that all dogs will have a vendetta against you or that you don’t qualify as the “dog person” you once might have thought you were.

Canines, by nature, have the tendency to bite from time to time. Sometimes, it’s a sign of aggression and other times they are looking to play. But, because a bite can be dangerous and lead to infection and other complications, having an expert dog bite lawyer to guide you is a must.

An attorney with experience in this area can connect you with resources and advise you on the next steps to take.
They can also make sure you don’t get stuck paying for expensive medical bills or other expenses. They can also assist you in communicating with the dog’s owner so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and it doesn’t happen to you or anybody else again.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog bite, don’t wait. Contact us today to get help from a highly qualified attorney who has the experience you need!

– Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys

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