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Teaching “Responsible Drinking” to Our Children

Alcohol consumption can be a contentious issue in contemporary society. While the greatest underlying fear may be that individuals under the are of twenty-one may be encouraged to drive after drinking, the truth is that responsibility can still be taught if education begins early and certain aspects of the consequences of drinking are emphasized during the teaching process.

Start Young
Almost all age-related difficulties in life are normally concentrated on the age of eighteen, yet society sends confusing messages when it comes to drinking. When discussing responsible drinking to individuals who are under the legal drinking age, these contradictory signals may be where the breakdown begins, because the heightened barrier may also suggest that unlawful drinking is a kind of rebellion. Alcohol usage is seen as a “rite of passage” for many teenagers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, or even younger. This could be considerably decreased if an organized approach to discussing the dangers of alcohol intake was taken far before they reached the age when they would have to make a decision. It’s crucial to have accurate information.

Physiological Impact
An open explanation of what happens to the body when alcohol is ingested is one of the most effective ways of teaching drinking responsibility. This material should preferably include the effects of long-term chronic drinking on the body, particularly the liver. Alcohol use is an excellent example of how teaching general moderation in most areas is a healthy overall personal living strategy. Because alcohol is both a depressive and a stimulant, the effects of drinking shift as the effects of the drug wear off and the body returns to normal sober. Although the aftereffects of excessive drinking are frequently severe enough to serve as a natural deterrent, describing what is happening to the body should also be taught.

For more information on the matter, you can visit kidshealth.org and drugfree.org.

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