What is the Procedure if a Minor is Arrested for Driving While Impaired by Alcohol?

In California, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have serious repercussions. Due to the fact that underage drinking is also a state offense, adolescents convicted of DUI have broken the law twice and may face sanctions that could jeopardize their college and future ambitions. This is why juveniles facing such charges require competent legal counsel, such as that provided by a San Diego Drunk Accident Lawyer.

In California, a large majority of DUI prosecutions involve drivers under the age of 21, which is the state’s legal drinking age. Minors who have even a trace of alcohol in their bodies can face criminal penalties, but not jail time, under California’s “zero tolerance” regulation. For an adult DUI accusation, the blood alcohol level limit is 0.08 percent, and juveniles with such levels face the same criminal penalties as those 21 and older, including heavy fines and jail time.

Minors who are stopped on suspicion of DUI will be subjected to a field sobriety test and, in some cases, a breath test, and will be held in the same manner as adults. In some areas, however, juvenile criminals in California are treated differently than adults. Following the arrest, a series of hearings are held, with the judgement and sentencing being handed down by a judge rather than a jury.

Additional information about underage drinking and driving laws in California is available at dui.drivinglaws.org.
A San Diego Drunk Accident Attorney can be of great benefit to any minor charged with DUI. A lawyer can challenge the police stop that led to the charges or take action to exclude vital evidence from subsequent court proceedings. Lawyers can in some cases make arrangements that can greatly lessen the penalty. It is for these and other reasons why families facing such legal problems should consider contacting the Mova Law Group.

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