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Has The Way We See Police Changed?

It has become a vicious circle. The public feels that the police have become brutal and are overstepping their authority so they begin to defy the police. At the same time, the police claim that people are becoming more defiant and state that they have to act more aggressively to protect the public and themselves. The question is, which one is correct?

There have been stories from all around the country in the last year alleging that police are employing violence against the population. During police pursuits, unarmed civilians have been shot and killed, while others have been beaten or wounded. The angered populace retaliates with riots and protests, and the police retaliate with greater force.

The police response has not been met well by the public. Authority figures are supposed to be respected, not feared. People have quickly lost respect, and now fear, the very people that they employ to protect them. Some, however, has taken this fear and hatred a step too far and there have been targeted attacks against the police. Some police officers have been targeted and killed just for their job position. These killings were not done in self-defense. These targeted killings have heightened the vigilance of police officers around the country and now, more and more and incidents involving police brutality are occurring.

When You Have Been Injured By The Police

If you have been wounded as a result of an encounter with the police, it is time to consult with a San Diego police brutality lawyer. As an injury victim, you have unique rights and may be able to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

However, contacting a San Diego police brutality lawyer also helps send out a message to the police departments that this type of behavior is unacceptable. Something needs to break this vicious cycle. The police need to return to being law enforcement, and the citizens need to relearn to respect those who are there to serve and protect.

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