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San Diego Police Kill Mentally Ill Black Man

Police shot and killed a mentally ill black man in San Diego late last month. According to The Guardian, the man, whose name is Mr. Alfred Olango, is believed to be a 38-year-old immigrant from Uganda.According to the San Diego Police Department, the man was shot after he pointed a gadget at them. The police had been called by the deceased man’s sister, who wanted them to assist her in restraining him since he had been acting suspiciously.
It was then determined that the purported item pointed towards the cops was actually an electronic smoking device.

Mr. Olango had refused to withdraw his hands from his pockets, and when he did, he was holding something that seemed to be a weapon, according to the San Diego police brutality lawyer. When the cops noticed he was holding something, they shot him out of fear for their own safety.

While some have criticized the officers’ behavior, a San Diego police brutality lawyer claims that the officers were justified in feeling frightened by Mr. Olango’s possessions.

Vice News, a local news agency, reported that they had information that Olango had been suffering from depression after he lost a close friend. This is why the sister had requested for police help who, on arrival, mistakenly shot him.
According to Al Jazeera English news, police brutality towards black people has rapidly increased. The news agency uploaded a video of the shooting attracting more than 40,000 views on YouTube. The shooting led to mass protests in various parts of San Diego.
The chief of police said that there will be transparent investigations to determine what really happened to Olango. He said that as soon as all the evidence is assessed, they would act on the results of their investigation.

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