What are the most common psychological effects after suffering police brutality?

Sadly, today there are many episodes of police brutality making the news on a continual basis. Victims of police brutality often suffer from intense psychological effects after the event. These psychological symptoms can sometimes affect the victim for years, even after all the psychological effects have healed.

A victim of police violence may have a variety of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Chronic anxiety episodes, for example, might leave the victim feeling suspicious and terrified. These symptoms can make it difficult for the victim to work and live a regular life.

Other psychological issues are feelings of depression and worthlessness. Feelings of continual depression can wreak havoc with a person’s nervous system and lead to feelings of exhaustion and hopelessness.

The other overriding feeling associated with these psychological effects is a loss of trust in the police as well as the community at large. A lack of trust in the world and the justice system can again make it hard for a person to function on a daily basis. Sadly, some of these effects can continue to torment the victim for years.

Anyone who has had their civil rights infringed upon by the police has had their civil rights infringed upon.
Citizens of the United States have the right to be treated fairly by the police, and they have the right to sue their assailants in a court of law if their rights have been violated.

The laws regarding your rights as regards to episodes of police brutality are complex, as it must be proven that the officers acted intentionally to cause harm. Due to this complexity, it’s wise to retain the services of a knowledgable attorney who can handle your case and bring you the best possible legal outcome.

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