Do I Really Need a DUI Attorney?

Whether an individual charged with a DUI offense should hire an attorney depends on many factors, which include personal circumstances and financial ability. However, as law firms commonly provide no-cost consultations, taking the time to speak with a San Diego DUI attorney offers many benefits.

Technical Knowledge

A DUI lawyer is familiar with the latest regulations for blood, breath, and field sobriety testing, as well as check point standards. If there is a difference in any of these areas, the case may be dismissed or the punishment reduced.

Local Knowledge

Attorneys practicing in the immediate area are fully aware of the city, county and state laws pertaining to DUI situations. Local lawyers know if the county funds special programs. In the event that you agree to attend a DUI diversion program, complete alcohol or drug counseling, the court may reduce the penalties or dismiss the case.

Insider Knowledge

Attorneys are aware of errors that may have occurred at the time of the arrest, plea offers deemed acceptable by prosecutors, and the best dates to arrange a hearing since they have working ties with local law enforcement officials, court personnel, and judges.

Additional Considerations

Consider speaking with a San Diego DUI attorney if unaware of your rights under the law, unsure of state DUI laws or are ill-informed of the possible consequences that you face. Legal representation is also a good idea in the event that your are employed in an occupation in which you need to keep your driver’s license of bonding. Serious situations when legal representation is advised include:

• The DUI arrest was a second, third or fourth offense
• Your blood alcohol level was double that of the state limit
• If an accident occurred while you were under the influence
• If the collision caused an injury or fatality to another

Contact An Attorney

When you find yourself charged with a DUI offense, resist the urge to go it alone. Contact the Mova Law Group. We will review your case and provide you with the best legal options.

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