How to report police harassment?

Police officers are responsible for safeguarding and servicing the communities in which they work. While the majority of police officers perform admirably, some do not, and people are injured as a result. Proving police harassment is not always straightforward, but it is feasible. If you have been injured as a result of a police officer’s negligence in California, speak with a San Diego police brutality lawyer about your legal options.

According to California Penal Code 148.6, you have the right to report police harassment to the proper authorities. Each department must have a plan in place in which to investigate allegations of police misconduct. However, it is important to note that any report of police misconduct that is knowingly false, may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor crime.

What Is Police Harassment?

Police harassment can come in many different ways. Some examples of this type of misconduct are:

  • Racial Profiling
  • Unethical Surveillance
  • Detaining Someone Illegally
  • Illegal Seizure
  • Searching Someone Illegally
  • Making Sexual Comments

It’s always stressful to be stopped and detained by police officers, but you do have rights. Your civil rights have most likely not been infringed if the cops are conducting their duties properly or have reasonable grounds to halt you. When police officers go above and beyond standard operating standards to harass or detain you, they may be guilty of harassment, and a San Diego police brutality attorney may be able to assist you in obtaining compensation.

Contact Mova Law Group today to learn if you have a valid claim for police harassment or brutality. After reviewing the facts surrounding your claim, a lawyer will let you know if you should move forward with a lawsuit. While obtaining a financial settlement may not erase the damage that has been done to you, it can give you the financial resources to move forward with your life.

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