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Everything You Need to Know About Filing a Pool Accident or Illness Claim

There are many different types of injury and illness which can originate from swimming pool accidents. While most swimming pool accidents resulting in injuries or illness tend to be fairly minor, with lifeguards on hand to assist, there are still death in swimming pools occurring today. As head injuries are a particularly common consequence of accidents in a swimming pool, mostly from slipping, we have listed advised compensation settlement amounts for head injuries below. Below that is also our swimming pool accident/ illness compensation calculator which lists average compensation for other injuries that can occur in a swimming pool.

Whether your swimming pool accident or illness occurred in the United States or abroad, all swimming pool operators (and, on occasion, package vacation operators) are required by law to ensure the safety of their customers and workers. As with any swimming pool accident claim, the claimant must show that one or more parties were negligent in causing the incident and the injury/ sickness. In many circumstances, medical records will reveal both the severity and the source of an injury or sickness. A swimming pool accident claim, on the other hand, will necessitate further evidence.

Additional evidence could include photographs of the area of the swimming pool where the accident happened, witness statements as well as accident records that might show evidence of similar issues in the past. Contacting us to arrange a free consultation with a solicitor to discuss your swimming pool accident or illness provides you with the opportunity to have any questions answered at no charge, and no obligation.

Most solicitors will assess your swimming pool accident or illness claim for free, and if they believe you have a strong case, they will likely offer to submit your claim on a No Win No Fee basis. You should check with whichever attorney you choose how the No Win No Fee claims procedure works, but in our instance it basically means paying a success fee only if the swimming pool accident/ illness claim is successful, which would be an agreed percentage taken from the pool accident/ illness claim.

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