What are the different types of spinal cord injuries?

Injury to the spinal column is one of the most debilitating, and it happens at an alarming rate of 17,000 victims every year. A damaged spinal column can result in the loss of motor capabilities and/or sensation in this type of injury. Such severe injuries bring pain not just to the wounded, but also to the victim’s family and friends who must deal with the aftermath. Understanding the various types of spinal cord injuries might assist a sufferer or a family member comprehend the consequences.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord are categorized as incomplete or complete.
Incomplete spinal cord injuries refer to a situation where the column is only partially severed, which means that an individual can have some motor functions. They include;

Anterior column fracture – the damage occurs to the front of the vertebra leading to impairment of the sensory and motor systems. Some feeling may remain, but mobility is a problem.

Central column fracture – injury to the center section of the vertebra, which is responsible for spine stability and disc support. The damaged spinal column affects the nervous system leading to paralysis of the arms, loss of fine motor skills, and compromised movement in the legs.

Brown –Sequard syndrome – occurs when the damage to the spinal cord is localized to one side. For this reason, impairment may be one-sided to either the left or right of the body.

Complete spinal cord injuries occur when there is a total separation of the spinal column, causing loss of all functions.

Spinal cord injuries also vary depending on the type of paralysis. Tetraplegia or quadriplegia is the most severe and is caused by damage to the cervical spine. Besides impaired movement, an individual may lose control over bowel activities and respiration. Paraplegia is when the lower half of the body loses all feeling and movement. Triplegia is when one arm and both legs lose sensation and mobility.

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