How To Safely Use Cruise Control

Even if you’re a rookie driver, you’re probably aware that cars come equipped with cruise control.
Cruise control, for those unfamiliar, is “a system available for some automobiles, motorbikes, and other vehicles that automatically maintains a vehicle’s speed by assuming control of the accelerator.” When cruise control is activated, the driver loses control of the vehicle’s speed.
On long journeys, cruise control is extremely useful. Continuously pressing the accelerator might tire a driver’s right foot, creating a speed fluctuation. “One of the biggest causes of inefficient fuel consumption is stop-and-go driving. A constant and unbroken pace saves money because fuel consumption is more consistent.

But while cruise control is fuel-sipping innovation, there are rules for using it safely. The most important is to not take your eyes away from the road. Relax your foot, not your awareness. Accidents in the road are often because of a too-relaxed driver. Another important thing to remember is to not go faster than the posted speed limit. Only after safely reaching the posted speed limit should you engage the cruise control. And while you may remove your foot from the accelerator, you should not remove your foot from the brake. That’s because the feature will disengage when the brakes are applied. Being able to stop or slow down in a timely fashion can be very important when avoiding accidents in the road. If your vehicle comes equipped with the “coast” button, it may be safely applied in certain situations, also helping to avoid accidents.

Even while cruise control is a fantastic feature, there are instances when it should not be used.
It should not be used in stormy weather. On wet roads, hydroplaning causes many accidents, which can be prevented if the driver maintains control of the vehicle’s speed. Also, avoid using the feature when traveling through uneven terrain, such as in forests, fields, or mud pits ( Even so, it’s possible that the cruise control feature will fail. If you discover that your feature is not functioning properly, such as not engaging or disengaging without your prompting, have it repaired as soon as possible. You do have options if the repair isn’t done correctly or if the problem is caused by a manufacturing error. Don’t be concerned; simply contact the Mova Law Group.

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