Lamborghini Crash in San Diego Kills One and Injures Another, May Result In Collision Fire Lawsuit


A Lamborghini accident in San Diego which burned into flames kills one and severely injuries another in downtown San Diego earlier today.


Sources have reported that the Lamborghini was driving up to 100mph down Harbor Drive before the collision occurred, hitting a palm tree in downtown. A witness at the scene stated he made eye contact with the driver of the Lamborghini at the traffic light before the impact


Lamborghini Accident San Diego


Unfortunately, little was left after the fire was put out by the San Diego Fire Department. Other witnesses described being able to see the female passenger in the middle of the street after being ejected from the vehicle post-accident.


The cause of the accident has not yet been determined and the injured passenger has been sent to the local hospital undisclosed medical care.


Liability in Motor Vehicle Collision Fire

While officials must complete their investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident, one thing is for sure, the Lamborghini should have never caught fire.


Regardless of how fast the vehicle was going, to have a vehicle go up in flames so quickly after impact is negligence by all measures against the manufacturer. The family of the deceased will most likely have a viable claim for a manufacturer’s defect against the vehicle manufacturer.


How To Cover High Medical Bills After An Accident in San Diego.

When an individual has been injured due to another’s negligence, whether that negligence be manufacturer negligence or driver negligence, they are sent to the hospital for immediate medical care and attention.


Medical bills can add up to quickly depending on the severity of the victim’s injuries. It is at this time that you must contact a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney to assist you with your medical bills and making sure you are treated by the right injury specialists.


Did you know that when you work with an accident lawyer, they are able to place your medical bills on a 3rd party lien with the highly trained doctors in San Diego? Meaning, you pay NOTHING out of pocket and receive medical treatment by a healthcare professional. The medical professional will be paid once your case settles.


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