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Have You Been Injured In A Bike Accident? Here’s What You Can Do

With cycling fatalities climbing at an alarmingly rapid pace, both drivers and cyclists have started to take cycling safety much more seriously. And while advancements like the additions of bike lanes to major cities have certainly helped, nearly half a million cyclists are injured every year in the United States alone. If you’ve been injured in a bike accident, it can be difficult

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer San Diego
Bicycle accident

Bicycle Safety Gear To Keep You Safe In An Accident

  Avoid Needing A San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer With Bike Safety Gear   Cycling is one of the most popular hobbies for Americans. It’s the perfect way to combine exercise with your love for exploring the environment. Street biking is also popular, and can even serve as an effective way to commute to work in some cities. However, cycling

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Are Airbag Helmets Safer than Regular Helmets?

Are Airbag Helmets Safer Than Helmets? One of the areas of transportation that has not seen a lot of innovation over the last 100 plus years is the bicycle helmet, but that could be changing with companies like Hovding, who have created a stylish-yet-functional inflatable helmet. One of the biggest concerns with these new types of head protection is the

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Cyclist hit by SUV in Mission Bay Park

A cyclist was struck by an SUV in Mission Bay Park on the evening of October 19, 2016. The 54-year-old cyclist was making a left-hand turn when the vehicle hit him in the intersection. The cyclist sustained significant injuries, including bleeding to the brain, facial injuries, and a broken arm. Apparently, the vehicle had the right of way. News reports

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