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If you’ve been hit while riding your bicycle on a public road or sidewalk, you may be entitled to a settlement for compensation. It is our job as drivers to keep an eye out for bicyclists and cyclists as we share the roads with them. Many drivers, especially distracted drivers, crash right into innocent bike riders while on the road. These accidents can result in serious bodily damages such as spinal cord injuries, broken bones, head trauma and even serious mental damages down the road Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Temecula CA have the experienced that you need for a successful case and verdict. Call now for a free consultation by dialing (951) 289-5800.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bicycle Accidents?

  • Can I be at fault after being hit by a driver while riding my bicycle?
  • What items can I recover that have been damaged or broken after a bicycle accident?
  • I was hit by a driver while riding my bicycle on the bike lane, what should I do next?

The risk of being seriously injured in a crash as a bicyclist is extremely high due to the lack of protection that you have. With a mere helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, there isn’t much you can do to protect yourself after being hit by a vehicle that weighs 100 times what you do.

As Temecula Bicycle Accident Lawyers, we recommend that you follow these steps to avoid being hit by any distracted drivers:

  1. Never ride against traffic. Always ride in the same direction as the traffic next to you.
  2. Always wear protective gear such as helmets, gloves, reflective gear and padded gear to ensure maximum protection.
  3. If you are with multiple people, ride in a single file lined if there are no designated bike lanes in your area.
  4. Always use the proper hand signals before turning left, right or slowing down, regardless of having a bike lane or not.
  5. Never think that a motorist can see you as you plan on making a turn. Always expect that the drivers cannot see you, that way you are prepared to make sudden stops just in case to avoid any accidents.

Do you have a legal question? Get legal advice from our expert Temecula Personal Injury Attorneys today by dialing (951) 289-5800.

Negligence and Your Injuries: what you need to know

Do you feel like your injury could have been avoided had it not been for the action or inaction of another party? Perhaps a floor was wet without a posted sign, or a handrail missing. In other cases, a distracted driver on a cell phone may have caused an accident. There are countless situations in which negligence may have played a role in your injury. If your world has been turned upside down by someone who failed to exhibit ‘reasonable care’ or judgement to prevent damage, injury or death, you may have a case.

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Statute Of Limitations In California For A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

Regardless of the accident, any case that falls under the personal injury category has up to (2) years to file a lawsuit for compensation. See CA Civil Code 335.1.

We don’t recommend that you wait until your time is almost up before you take action, but rather speak to an expert to get you started once you are physically able to do so.

Our firm can help you during any step of your claim, whether you are currently negotiating with your insurance company, just been injured and need legal advice or if you’ve been denied due to unfair reasoning.

We can help. Call Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys for the best Temecula Bicycle Accident representation around.

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