Black Communities Stop Calling 911

As the surge of police brutality against African Americans continues to sweep the nation, more black communities are unwilling or have completely stopped calling 911 for assistance. A recent study indicates that 911 calls from black communities dropped dramatically in Milwaukee after an African-American male was savagely beaten by drunken off-duty police officers who claimed the man stole a police badge, according to It was later discovered that the allegations were completely false and several officers were fired over the incident.

A man in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon was killed by police officers after his sister called 911 to help assist the man. Alfred Olango was shot and killed after pointing a vaping device at officers, according to CNN. Reports indicate that Olango was in pain and obviously suffering from some kind of mental health issue. The man’s sister called police to help him, yet officers gunned him down. Olango’s sister stated “I called police to help him, not to kill him”

Many in the African-American community stated that this is yet another example of police violence that was unnecessary and that incidents such as these only add to the distrust in law enforcement. The research conducted in Milwaukee confirms what the African-American community has been arguing all along. After the incident in Milwaukee, 911 calls dropped by 22,000 one year after the story broke. Several leaders in the black community stated that the distrust in law enforcement only causes crime to increase community-wide.

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