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I Have Been Injured By A Drunk Driver. What Should I Do?

Car accidents are on the rise, primarily due to drivers driving while distracted and heavy traffic flow. However, some accidents are caused by people who should not be driving at all. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, here are some things you should do to protect your interests.

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Car Accidents in Poway, CA

Driving a motor vehicle is as common as morning coffee for the average California citizen, but the responsibility which is undertaken by those who get behind the wheel a two-ton machine should never be underestimated. Despite the inherent risk of driving, accidents and fatalities have been steadily trending down for several years. Accurate reports of accidents happening in any defined

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Drugged Driving Prosecution Strategies in San Diego

When it comes to drinking and driving, law enforcement officials and prosecutors in San Diego are often considered to be seasoned, efficient and skilled. In recent years, a greater focus has been placed on drugged driving, an offense that is more difficult for prosecutors to prove beyond the shadow of doubt.

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