How common is for a car to cause a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle riders are often in a unique position on the road – they enjoy the freedom that comes with this mode of transportation, including not having to experience delays due to traffic snarl-ups. However, the use of bikes also comes with exposure to dangerous accidents that are not met by vehicle drivers and other motorists. Bike riders do not have any protective barriers between them and the road, and this increases the chances of fatalities during an accident.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Vehicles

Research shows that 42 percent of all traffic accidents involving a motorcycle and a car include the car turning left at an intersection. Such an uninformed turn can cause the bike rider to be struck as he rides straight into an intersection trying to pass or overtake the car. Other common ways in which cars cause motorcycle accidents include:

• Tailgating. This is responsible for a large number of rear-end accidents between cars and bikes.
• Drunk driving
• Texting while driving
• Distracted driving

Most accidents between motorcycles and vehicles end cause severe injuries to the riders. In fact, most head-on collisions are often fatal to the motorcyclist. If a driver causes you to crash, you should consult a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer so that they can help you claim compensation for the injuries and damages.

Liability in a Motorcycle Accident

Negligence of car drivers can lead to property damage, injuries, or even death. In fact, riders are more likely to die in an accident as compared to vehicle drivers. You should file an insurance claim if a negligent vehicle driver causes your accident. Alternatively, you can make a personal injury claim and receive compensation to cover the hospital bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Are you looking for a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer to help you seek compensation after an accident? If so, contact Mova Law Group for a consultation so that you can explore your legal options and discuss legal representation in court.

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