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How Does The Car Accident Settlement Process Work?

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I was recently in a car accident. How does the settlement process work?

When you have been involved in a car accident and are in need of a San Diego Car Accident Attorney due to another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to great compensation for your bodily injuries and damages after filing a personal injury claim. This insurance claim will cover any expensive medical bills you have accumulated due to evaluations and treatments. You will be paid for the loss of wages due to your inability to work and any pain and suffering you have endured since the car crash.

The process of filing for a car accident settlement can be a very tricky one. Many crash victims that we speak to assume all we have to do as lawyers is call their insurance and demand money then their problems are solved.

In a perfect world, yes, that’s how getting paid after filing a claim would work if insurance companies didn’t have to pay out millions of dollars each month! The process can be a difficult and time-consuming fight to prove who was legally at fault.

The car accident settlement process is as follows:

  1. You contact your insurance provider to inform them of the incident. Never claim fault during this time.
  2. Consulting with an expert attorney for legal guidance. Never speak to an adjuster without consulting with an attorney.
  3. All insurance companies involved will begin their investigation on the accident, working on gathering information to prove which driver was at fault.
  4. The injured party must provide medical documentation that can prove injuries sustained from the accident. These damages can be physical such as breaking a bone; emotional such as not being able to drive again due to fear, and mental damages such as brain injuries or financial damages, which occur when a victim can no longer work.

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Filing Your Accident Report To Your Insurance Company

If possible, take as many photos, videos and contact information for any witnesses that were at the scene of the accident. While reporting the incident, make sure you do not disclose any statements that can be used against you in court. Pointing that you were at fault is clear evidence an insurance company can use to deny your claim. Instead, allow a professional to review your accident to decide who is at fault.

Car Accident Settlement Process Works

Consulting With A Professional Personal Injury Attorney

As previously stated, an expert in accident law can be highly beneficial to the success of your case. Not only will you have a blueprint for your settlement, but the resources that a lawyer can provide should be enough reasoning for you to hire one. Our firm can assign you to the most credible and respected health specialists that specialize in your injuries. Back pain, spinal damage, broken bones, brain damage, scheduling MRI’s and CAT-scan’s, the list can go on when it comes to a number of specialists for different injuries. The consultation for an accident attorney costs you absolutely nothing upfront, we work on a contingency fee.

How much does a car accident lawyer cost? 

Our attorneys can only charge you up to 35% of your claim if successfully awarded in court. If you don’t get paid, neither do we.

Investigation Process

Who is at fault in a car accident changing lanes?

Weeks after notifying an insurance company of your car accident, they will send their own in-house insurance adjusters for investigation. During this time it is very important that you do not disclose any valuable information they can use in court against your injury claim. What we recommend is consult with your lawyer before speaking to any insurance adjusters. Aside from speaking to an adjuster, there will be a thorough investigation by an accident specialist who will review both the police report and the location of the accident. Mova Law Group also provides Temecula Personal Injury Attorney services and Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney services. Don’t wait, call now at (951)724-4610

Requesting a Pre Trial Settlement

Most insurance claims will settle outside of court if the medical bills and evidence are substantially high. We know this because we constantly deal with these types of settlements outside of court. The reality of it is most trial cases can take months to settle and if lost, insurance companies could end up paying hundreds of millions of dollars! If we can settle outside of court, the time frame of your compensation can be cut in half.

Filing A Law Suit

If the insurance company does not approve our proposed settlement demand, our firm will submit a lawsuit. Most car accident lawsuits are dealt with by the local circuit court where the accident initially took place. Keep in mind that the state of California and other states have their own Statute of Limitations. In California, you have a (2) year deadline to file a lawsuit.

If you have suffered injuries due to another drivers negligence, call San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys at Mova Law Group today. We offer free consultations and free case evaluations. Call (858)762-9811

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