How to file a claim after a car accident?

After the unfortunate experience of a car accident, deciding what to do next can be overwhelming. Deciding what to do next is complicated further by the surge of adrenaline and confusion that most victims will experience in the aftermath of a traumatic accident.

Immediately Following a Collision
If you have been involved in a car accident, eliminate the threat of additional injury to yourself or others. Dialing 911 will dispatch a police officer and, in the event of personal injury, emergency medical personnel who can rule out or stabilize any serious injury.

Call Your Insurance Agent or Claims Department
Your insurance card should include a toll-free number to your carrier’s claims department. If you are without your insurance card printout and own a smart phone, upload your policy information or search the web for the claims number of your insurance company. Contact your carrier and have your policy information, as well as loss details, readily available. While filing a claim will require that you summarize the facts of the incident, refrain from giving a recorded or written statement to your insurance company until you have consulted an attorney. Be prepared to give the address of the loss location, the name and contact info of the other party or parties involved in the loss, any witness information, and the name and contact information for the investigating officer.

Call a San Diego Car Accident Attorney
Residents of San Diego, California will want an advocate who is well versed on the local statutes as well as the components of a claim and of which you are entitled. As someone who suffered damages to their vehicle or person as the result of an auto accident, you have rights and an attorney will get the settlement you deserve while preserving and protecting those rights. Victims looking for a San Diego Car Accident Attorney in San Diego, California should call Mova Law Group.

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