Las Vegas Shooting Survivors From Murrieta, CA Die In Car Crash

Murrieta Car Accident Attorney

Dennis and Lora Carver were 2 survivors of the Las Vegas tragedy that took place at the Route 91 Harvest Festival Oct. 1st.


Surviving the mass shooting by a suspected lone gunman which took the lives of over 50 people and injured nearly 500.


Their daughter Brooke Carver posted to Facebook that “A poor man right next to my dad was shot in the leg, that’s how close they were.”


A few days later, Lora Carver stated that her husband Dennis had shielded her during the entire shooting. These two were fortunate enough to make it out alive after such a horrendous tragedy.


But just weeks later after their survival story had surfaced, this couple’s story took a tragic turn.


On October 16th, Dennis and Lora Carver passed away after being involved in a car crash near their hometown in Murrieta, CA.


According to the Los Angeles Times, their vehicle had steered off of the highway and directly hit 2 brick pillars which caused their vehicle to burst into flames.


Sources have not yet identified the cause of the accident, but what we do know is the Carver family has set up a go fund me account to assist the children and immediate Carver family. Click here to donate now!


Actions To Take When A Family Member Passes Away After A Car Crash


If you or your loved one is legally able to drive and has done their part in purchasing insurance for their vehicle, then compensation can be claimed after an accident.


Contact your local police department for the accident report and police report.

Contact an accident attorney for professional advice on the matter. There are certain things that one should not say to an insurance adjuster before consulting with a lawyer.

File a personal injury claim for your loved one requesting the policy which covered.


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