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Category: Police Brutality

How to report police harassment?

Police officers are responsible for safeguarding and servicing the communities in which they work. While the majority of police officers perform admirably, some do not, and people are injured as a result. Proving police harassment is not always straightforward, but it is feasible. If you have been injured as a result of a police officer’s negligence in California, speak with

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Policemen holding arrested man in handcuffs
Police Brutality

Is Cursing At The Police Illegal?

Freedom of Speech is a First Amendment Right, but threatening verbal abuse is not protected by the Constitution. Where does the law draw the line? The issue of whether cursing at the police is legal or not is complex, and many citizens are wrongfully jailed and subject to police brutality for so-called “contempt of cop” cases. This blog will address:

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What Constitutes Police Brutality?

Every city has its own police force tasked with maintaining public safety. While most police units do an excellent job, some become overly aggressive, resulting in accidents. The following is a rundown of what constitutes police brutality and how personal injury law can assist persons who have been hurt as a result of it. If you have been injured as

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What are some police brutality cases in San Diego

Chris Movafagh believes unjust police brutality must be combated in the courtroom. In a time where military weaponry is utilized by the San Diego Law Enforcement Agency to fight crime, police officers increasingly misuse their power by making brutal acts against citizens rather than offering protection. Local Police Brutality Cases San Diego Law Enforcement has been blamed for multiple fatalities and destructive

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Police Brutality Cases

Chris Movafagh believes that unjust police brutality should be addressed in court. In a time when the San Diego Law Enforcement Agency is using military weaponry to combat crime, police officers are increasingly abusing their authority by committing harsh acts against residents rather than providing security. For more information click here USEFUL INFO LINKS View more

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Has The Way We See Police Changed?

It has become a vicious circle. The public feels that the police have become brutal and are overstepping their authority so they begin to defy the police. At the same time, the police claim that people are becoming more defiant and state that they have to act more aggressively to protect the public and themselves. The question is, which one

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San Diego Police Kill Mentally Ill Black Man

Police shot and killed a mentally ill black man in San Diego late last month. According to The Guardian, the man, whose name is Mr. Alfred Olango, is believed to be a 38-year-old immigrant from Uganda. USEFUL INFO LINKS Read More

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What are the most common psychological effects after suffering police brutality?

Sadly, today there are many episodes of police brutality making the news on a continual basis. Victims of police brutality often suffer from intense psychological effects after the event. These psychological symptoms can sometimes affect the victim for years, even after all the psychological effects have healed. A victim of police violence may have a variety of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

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Under what circumstances police officers are allowed to use excessive force?

In our society, police brutality is and has been rampant. Thankfully, society has come to condemn such behavior, and the law, as well as many skilled San Diego Police Brutality Lawyers, are on their side. Excessive force can sometimes legal. We must first learn our rights in order to improve our relationships with the police. The proper standard to assess

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