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Policemen holding arrested man in handcuffs
Police Brutality

Is Cursing At The Police Illegal?

Freedom of Speech is a First Amendment Right, but threatening verbal abuse is not protected by the Constitution. Where does the law draw the line? The issue of whether cursing at the police is legal or not is complex, and many citizens are wrongfully jailed and subject to police brutality for so-called “contempt of cop” cases. This blog will address:

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What Constitutes Police Brutality?

Every city has their own police force, charged with keeping the public safe. While most police departments do a good job, some get overly aggressive and accidents occur. The following is an overview of what constitutes police brutality and how personal injury law could help those injured in this manner. If you have been hurt due to the excessive force

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How to report police harassment?

The police are charged with protecting and serving the communities in which they work. While most police do an admirable job, some do not and people are injured as a result. It is not always easy to prove police harassment, but it may be possible. If you have been hurt due to the negligence of a police officer in California,

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Under what circumstances police officers are allowed to use excessive force?

Police brutality is and has been pervasive in our society. Gratefully, society has begun to stand against such actions, and the law is on their side, along with many talented San Diego Police Brutality Lawyers. Sometimes excessive force is legal. To effectively better our interactions with the police, we should clearly understand our rights. The proper standard to assess police

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