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Based off of California laws, it is always the dog owners responsibility to have complete control of their pet’s actions. For many families that have been involved in a recent injury or attack by a dog bite, contact us immediately for further legal assistance.

Within seconds, a “friendly” pet animal can turn into a vicious predator with no signs of attack. Use this page to educate you on California dog bite laws and Sacramento County codes in your area.

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About California Dog Bite Laws

Based off of information pulled from All Law, the Statute of Limitations for injury by dog attack are still classified under the personal injury statute of limitations in California. Meaning you have up to (2) years to file your claim, if you do not file for compensation within this period of time, you cannot collect any income for your injuries.

California Is A “Strict Liability” Dog Bite State

Every state within the United States operates by 1 of 2 dog bite liability laws.

First, you have:

Strict Liability – Which states that regardless of the reason, once your dog has attacked and injured an individual, you are 100% at fault.

Secondly, there is:

Negligence Liability: Which requires a dog owner to prove that he/she was not at fault for the incident that resulted in bodily injury.

When Should I Contact A Dog Bite Injury Lawyer In Sacramento?

Like most injury cases by a dog bite, the victim and the families tend to be left in the dark as to what their next move should be. Common questions that are asked towards our Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyers are:

  • Do You Charge For A Consultation?
  • The Dog Had Rabies. What Do I Do Now?
  • Do I Have To Prove That I Wasn’t At Fault?
  • What Type Of Doctor Should I See For My Dog Bite Injuries?
  • How much money is my case worth?
  • My insurance company is calling me. Should I answer?

At Mova Law Group, we always make sure that no question is ever left unanswered and we are able to provide you with an in-depth answer covering all bases relating to your questions. Contact Us today to schedule a free consultation.


Sacramento Dog Bite Statistics

About 4.5 Million dog bites occur each year throughout the United States. Here we will cover areas of Sacramento that tend to have the highest rate of injury by a dog attack.

In Sacramento, CA, hundreds of natives are bitten by a dog each year. Many in which they are required to seek medical attention immediately and the majority of these incidents take place in North Sacramento more than anywhere else.

Based off of a recent article titled Where Dog Bites Occur In Sacramento by the Sacramento Bee, reported that 2,800 reports have been filed from May 2012 to May 2017.

Medical Bills & Damages After A Dog Attack

Our team of dog bite specialists can provide you with the blueprint that we have used to collect millions for our past clients. By contacting a Sacramento Dog Bite Attorney, we can connect you with the best healthcare specialists found in Northern California.

Bills via healthcare treatment and personal house bills can pile up fast. Ask about our 72-hour quick personal injury settlement options today.

How Can A Sacramento Dog Bite Attorney Help Me Claim Compensation?

By contacting our staff, we can guide you throughout the process of “How to file a personal injury claim” and teach you how you obtain a settlement to cover your medical bills and loss of wages if you can no longer return to the workforce.

Our law firm has built relationships with hundreds of healthcare specialists to ensure that your accident claim will be taken care of by the elite. In addition to providing you with the best doctors and injury specialists in Northern California, you will never have to pay anything out of pocket for your medical treatment. We receive nothing until we beat your case.

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