Safety Tips For Driving Safe This Holiday Season

bad weather precautions while driving

safe driving tips

Oh the weather outside is… well, pretty much sunny and beautiful as usual. Although we will most likely be blessed with gorgeous weather this winter in San Diego, there are still plenty of risks involved with holiday season travels. Whether you’re staying in town or you’re traveling across the country, you’ll want to pay attention to these tips so you and your family can travel in safety.


traffic on the roads during the holidays

Be Aware of Traffic

During rush hour on a regular day in San Diego, traffic can be pretty brutal. During the holidays, it seems like everybody and their dog is traveling to or from SoCal, making traffic jams along major roads like the I-805 even worse than they already are, greatly increasing the risks for car accidents. During the holidays, try to avoid traveling during regular rush hour times, especially in the evenings between 3-6: 30 pm. Plan accordingly so that you will be on the road in the morning, early afternoon or late evening.


bad weather precautions while driving
yellow warning sign of bad weather ahead against a stormy sky

Check Out-of-State Weather and Safety Info

Even though SoCal weather might be prime during the holidays, virtually the rest of the country experiences colder weather and sometimes even snow. Before you travel for the holidays, check the upcoming weather of your destination and even some places in between. This will give you a good idea of what kind of driving conditions to expect. If you’re traveling to a big city, it would also be a good idea to check car crash statistics by Googling local online tools like this interactive car crash map, so you get a good idea of some of the city’s problem areas.


stormy roads that can cause accidents

Prepare for the Worst

One of the worst things that could happen while traveling for the holidays is to break down in a snowstorm without proper emergency preparation. Bring extra blankets and jackets to leave in your trunk as this extra warmth could be a lifesaver if you end up getting stranded. Adding a flashlight and an ice scraper is also a good idea. The flashlight will help you signal other drivers and the ice scraper will help keep a thick layer of ice forming on your windshield.


Check Your Tire Tread

Tires are often one of the most neglected parts of a car. The thing is, your tires are the only thing on your vehicle that connects you to the road. The deeper the tread is on your tires, the better your car will grip the road, especially during wet weather. To check your thread, take a penny and insert it headfirst into your tire tread. If you can see Lincoln’s entire head, it’s definitely time to get some new tires. If part or all of his head is covered, your tires should still be good to go.