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Prior to founding the firm, Chris Movafagh (Aka Chris Mova), was a law clerk at one of the biggest and most prestigious personal injury firms in Southern California where he honed his legal tactics and negotiation skills. 

He saw a problem with the firm he worked for and every other big personal injury law firm. Each client was not treated as a human, but rather as a number. The goal of these big firms was to retain as many clients per month as possible and settle as many cases as possible. Chris did not think this was fair to the client because there was always money left on the table for the client. But the big firms would always push their client to accept the lowball offer. 

Chris saw this and wanted to make a difference, even if it was small. He wanted to only take on a handful of clients and treat each of his clients like the unique person they are; each with a different story of their pain and suffering. Chris made it his personal goal to hand pick the best team to help him reach his goal of creating the Best Personal Injury Law Firm San Diego has seen. 

Today, Chris Mova is well respected across the country for helping lawyers achieve spectacular awards and settlements on behalf of their clients. He coaches personal injury lawyers in other states on how to properly setup a personal injury case, how to negotiate it, and how to litigate it, especially cases involving spinal injury and brain injuries. 

If you are interested in having Chris Mova and his staff represent you, please call us now and Chris or one of his hand picked team members will assist you.

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$1.75 million

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We're The Best Bus Accident Lawyers in San Diego, California

Here’s why we are the best firm to handle your case:

  • We have experience with the local San Diego Joint Unified School District Commercial Policy for their school bus transportation system.
  • We have years of experience with the local Metropolitan Transit System and how the accident policies work.
  • The local trolley’s in downtown injure hundreds of people a year. Based off of these public records, we have done thorough research to ensure the highest level of education for your protection in court!

Next, we’re going to get into the specifics that a bus accident victim must consider before filing a personal injury lawsuit with a qualified attorney with our firm. Contact Us today if you would like to schedule a free consultation or call now at (858)609-8697.

Here's What To Do After A Bus Accident In San Diego

If you’ve been involved in a crash by bus, follow these steps to ensure a successful personal injury claim.

  • Get To Safety: If you have not been physically disabled from the crash, get to a safe area as soon as possible and as cautious as possible. The highways and streets can still have drivers passing you by after any crash. You’ve been fortunate enough to survive this life-threatening incident, don’t allow a minor mistake such as not watching out for vehicles passing you by, result as the reason you are seriously injured.
  • Take Photos If Possible: This will be used as evidence in court. These images are extremely important and always speak to a lawyer before showing any images to an insurance adjuster. Proving who was at fault can trickle down to the images that you have taken at the scene of the accident.
  • Visit Your Local Emergency Room: Getting a basic checkup is mandatory for a couple of reasons. First, it will ensure that you are not looking at any potential life-threatening injuries. Secondly, these medical records can be used while we file your legal paperwork prior to submitting your lawsuit for compensation.
  • Speak To Attorney Chris Mova: With the qualifications to get the job done, our firm can promise you our full attention and dedication to get you properly compensated for your injuries.

How Much Money Can I Recieve For Being Involved In A Bus Accident?

The amount of money that you receive is absolutely reliant on the insurance policy that is involved. This can be either your own insurance or the at-fault insurance company. We recommend that you go after the highest policy for maximum coverage for upcoming medical bills.

The last thing that you want is to receive a $20,000 settlement check, but your medical bills end up costing you $25,000. That just doesn’t make sense, especially if the at-fault insurance has a policy of 1 Million Dollars!

Ultimately it is our responsibility as your bus accident lawyers to fight for the highest amount possible and if we are not satisfied with the end results, we take this thing to trial.

Common Questions Asked & In Conclusion

Many people ask themselves “what happens if my child gets injured after an accident while on a school bus?”

Has your child suffered from any serious bodily injuries? As your legal defense, we will never evaluate our clients and base our own in-house evaluation towards your claim for one very important fact.

We are not healthcare specialists nor are we any type of licensed health care expert. Instead, what we will do is send your child out to a specialist to evaluate their injuries. this is usually done by a thorough MRI and CAT-Scan.

If there has been damage that can potentially cause life-hindering effects, possibly disabling our client to the slightest degree, we will pursue a personal injury claim.

Contact us today by dialing (858)609-8697 or visit us at 3262 Rosecrans St San Diego, CA 92110.

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I recently had a case where a large insurance firm denied my claim despite their insured admitting guilt. After contacting Chris, he walked me through the steps I should take which included filing a small claims case. Chris’s quick advice on matters as simple as court room etiquette, posture and deference, I believe made a difference in my case and as a result I won the case. He’s a consummate professional and I will continue to use him for legal consul.
I got in a pretty bad car accident in July of 2015. I was rear ended so bad that my car was labeled as a total loss. I looked around for a good attorney for a few weeks. After reading reviews, and talking to friends, the name Chris Mova with Mova Law Group came up the most. So, I decided to call him to see if I wanted to hire him. Chris personally talked to me on the phone, explained what my options were and asked me if I wished to meet him face-to-face at his office. I met him at his office a few days later and I decided to hire him. Chris fought hard with the insurance company, they weren't being reasonable in the beginning. It wasn't until he showed them a copy of the lawsuit he planned on filing that they finally decided to pay for my injury. He is as aggressive of a lawyer as I have seen (based on his letters to the insurance company), but yet so friendly and nice with me.
Listen up people! By far the best experience I've had with an attorney. Chris and his team really care about your well being to get you medical attention. I had a serious car accident in August 2018. The other party had no insurance or license. Therefore, because I did have uninsured motorist insurance, Mova Law Group was able to leverage my uninsured motorist funds to pay his costs, my medical attention costs and a settlement check to cover additionally expenses which turned out to be 2 times what I thought and I received that check within 7 months. Thank you Mova Law Group.
I was hit by an uninsured driver and didn’t know what to do next. I found Chris online and the rest was such a relief. Paola is also assisting me by handling all of my medical appointments and keeping my case in order. We haven’t settled yet, but we will soon!
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