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In San Diego, there are many roads that do not have properly paved lanes or not enough space for a bicyclist to ride through, thus requiring them to share a road with an automobile that is 10 times its size. If you or a loved one has been injured or wrongfully killed due to an accident while riding a bicycle, contact the San Diego Bicycle Accident attorney for your blueprint to a successful settlement.

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If you or a loved one has been injured while riding a bicycle in the city of San Diego, you must seek medical attention and justice immediately. Bicycle accident victims have every right by California law to claim compensation after they have been hit by a negligent driver.

Never wait, call our Personal Injury Lawyers in San Diego and fight for your medical treatment, medical bills, lost wages, damaged property and compensation today. Contact Us today at (858) 260-3026, don’t allow your injuries to heal without the right medical attention. The longer you wait, the less likely you will be able to be properly compensated through a personal injury claim against the at-fault party.

Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.


So you have recently suffered an injury while riding your bicycle and are unsure as to what should be your next steps. That’s a common situation that many San Diegans have since the general population does not prepare themselves for these types of tragedies.

After you are physically able to use your cellular device or a computer, contact a Bicycle Accident Lawyer that has the experience and knowledge in this specific accident to help you along the way. Pick your representation within the same week of your accident and you are more likely to have a successful case.

Increase Your Chance of Compensation

If you attempt to navigate the legal process on your own, you’re risking a lot. The quality of your future is at stake, so you need to be sure you protect yourself. Also, keep in mind that the Statute of Limitation for a Personal Injury Lawsuit is (2) years.

Simply by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, you increase your chances of receiving a good settlement for your claim. This is the case for any type of injury where someone else was at fault.

Your case could take a number of different turns. If you don’t have legal representation there to assist you, you’re chances of losing out on damages drastically increases.

An attorney may decide you need to go to court to fight for proper compensation. They can tell if you’re getting taken advantage of and can increase the chances you get compensation for your injuries.

Statute Of Limitations

If you have been injured in an accident while riding a bike, you have up to 2 years to file a personal injury claim if you live in the State of California. This is known as the “Statute Period” of the pre-claim process. As experts in the injury field, we do not recommend that you wait until your two years is almost up before you file your claim since the longer you take, the harder it becomes to claim compensation. 

List information and steps you should take after being involved in a bike wreck.

  1. Get to safety as fast as possible. If you have broken any bones and are unable to move, it is very important that you stay put and call for help.
  2. Once you have moved to a safe location, seek medical attention immediately. Whether this is a visit to a San Diego Emergency Room near you or a checkup with your primary care physician. Getting a basic check-up for your health is very vital not only for your case but for your well-being. (A great ER that you can visit is San Diego Scripps Hospital Emergency Room)
  3. Call the police department that took down your accident report and request
    a copy. With no report, it is difficult to start your personal injury claim. This will usually give us an idea as to who was at fault for the incident.
  4. Stay consistent with your medical appointments. If you are inconsistent with your medical bills and reports, it will be hard later on down the road to request for your settlement. In the eyes of the insurance company, if you did not need to see a doctor immediately, you must not have been very injured.
  5. Call our bicycle accident lawyers from Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys for a free consultation and a free case evaluation. We’d love to help!

Your Bicycle Injury Accident Claim Deserves Top-Tier Attorney Representation

Aside from a familiarity with the legal process, an attorney can give you a fair estimate of what your claim is worth.

There are a number of factors that determine the value of your injuries in an accident case. Although there are settlement calculators that provide an estimate on your claim, they’re usually not accurate.

On the other hand, a personal injury lawyer can look at your case from every angle and know what you should expect for your claim. They know exactly what elements to factor in, including lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Trying to guess what your claim is worth and handle the settlement yourself will likely result in unfair compensation for your injuries. You may end up losing thousands that you could’ve received had you worked with an attorney.

The Most Common Types Of Bicycle Accident Injury Cases In San Diego

Victims that have suffered great bodily injury typically were hit by reckless driving under the following scenarios:

  • The Right Cross
  • The Right Turn
  • Being Rear Ended
  • Open Door Bicycle Crash
  • Bad Weather

What Is Negligence When It Comes To Bicycle Accidents?

During any road accident, the most common classic examples of negligence are failures to look both sides, speeding up and sudden turn without using signal. Actually, negligence is considered as failure to give proper attention while doing something and it is the major reason for most of the Bicycle Accident Injury in San Diego, CA accidents.

During the accident between a bicycle and a car, as the maximum chance to get hurt comes to the part of the cyclist, he or she is more likely to ask for the legal damage for medical expenses. In this situation of legal action and compensation, the injured party has to prove that fault of negligence from the car driver’s side.

Since the cyclist doesn’t have insurance for riding on the bicycle, the negotiation between these two parties always involves the insurance company of the cyclist and the driver. Then the settlement can take place only if it is proved that the driver was at fault. In case the driver’s fault cannot be proved, the cyclist needs to take the case in order to recover compensation for the documented injuries.

What Should Be Done?

In case you are in San Bernardino in California and a car hits you while riding on your bicycle, you need to consult to a bicycle accident injury attorney when you suffer more than minor scrapes and cuts. As most of these types of collisions result in severe injuries, the insurance company lawyer from the driver’s side may contact the injured cyclist. Those defense lawyers do all these things just because they want to settle the matter as quickly as possible. In this process, they often offer settlement deals in order to cover your medical expenses and accident-related fees.

The Advantage Of Legal Consultation

If you accept the settlement deal, you will lose the right to sue over the car driver in future. Why do you need to sue him in future? Well, if your neck or head would start paining after few days of the accident due to delayed accident pain, you need to go for medical treatment and the car driver is liable to pay your treatment bill since it is the result of that accident. No wonder that auto insurance lawyers always try to settle these disputes as soon as possible. Here you need the consultation of a good bicycle accident injury attorney who will help you to get the full compensation for your medical treatment and other expenses.

You should contact to a good and experienced bicycle accident injury lawyer who are well acquainted with all laws about road accidents in California. Be it Riverside, San Bernardino or San Fernando, your attorney will help you to get the money you deserve for the accident.

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