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Have you recently been arrested or participated in a non-violent “strike” or gathering, but as police arrived at the scene, things were handled incorrectly?

Whatever the case may have been, if you feel that you have been wrongfully abused by an officer of the law, our firm can help you throughout the legal process.

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This refers to the ill-mannered and inappropriate actions taken by local police that clearly contradicts their lawful duties to protect and provide for its citizens. Ultimately leading to the miscarriage of lawful justice, discrimination, and racism. In many occasions, there have been illegal motives that have been driven by San Diego officers for their own benefits.

What Is Police Misconduct?

An example of this misconduct would be an arrest of a Hispanic male in 2017. A young man was arrested for an infraction for “sleeping on the back of his truck while on public property”. During court, the defendants’ lawyer appealed the decision and requested for body cam evidence. Upon reviewing the evidence it clearly showed the officer providing fake statements on several occasions. The body cam footage actually proved that homeless man was arrested after leaving a public restroom, completely going against what the SDPD officer stated under oath.

How Do You Report Police Misconduct? How To File Harassment Charge Against Police

If you feel that you have been wrongfully arrested or harmed by a local official and would like to report this to file a lawsuit, follow the instructions provided below.

  • Write your own report down and be as descriptive as possible. If you cannot write a report, record a video of yourself clearly explaining the facts after the incident.
  • Speak to as many witnesses as possible to strengthen your case and if needed, these people can testify in court for you.
  • Retrieve as much evidence as possible, such as photos, video recordings, witness statements.
  • Consult with a Police Brutality Attorney in San Diego as soon as possible.¬† At this time you review your rights and after explaining the story of misconduct, your lawyer can point out how many of your rights were violated.
  • After consulting with your attorney, you can now file a police misconduct report.

Compensation and Justice for Victims of Police Wrongdoing 

Police have the responsibility to provide protection to society. Laws are generally enforced in order to maintain conduct within our society. Lots of incidents related to police brutality have been reported in California recently. If the police use their power wrongfully then people have a right to file a case against them through police brutality lawyer. There is a belief among the people that it is not possible to go against the police. However, it is not true at all. Best legal team from Merced must be hired in case of such situations.

Most occasion people completely rely on a police officer. If the police act inappropriately then it is possible to go against them in the court. Bad decision from the police can lead to a tragic incident. For catastrophic injuries, cases have been filed in the United States of America especially in California. Death or injury due to assault, wrongful shooting, and unnecessary forces, serious action can be observed against the police.

Cases Of Police Brutality Cases

  • Excessive force
  • Inadequate use of Taser Gun
  • Illegal police shooting
  • False allegation
  • Police negligence

In order to decide about the possibility of winning a case, you must visit an experienced police brutality lawyer from San Diego. Consultation about the fee can be done on the occasion. Contact us today (858)333-4999

California Lawyers Handling All Excessive Force and Police Misconduct Claims

In San Diego County and throughout California, excessive force and police of abuse power cases contact Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys after suffering from excessive force used against them. We have served and protected the rights of thousands. There are no upfront costs and we cover all lawyer fees. We won’t settle until your case does.

Police abuse and misconduct

In spite of strong civil rights law in the United States of America, incidents of police conduct have been reported from various parts. If a police officer uses power inappropriately and violates the rule that leads to physical injury and lack of trust among citizens then police brutality lawyers are eligible to file a case against them. Compensation can be asked in due course.

When a public official crosses the border of respecting an individuals rights by use of force, they should and can be held fully accountable for any type of damage, injury or harm that they cause. If you or someone you know is looking for legal representation from lawyers against police brutality, call now at (858)333-4999.


Excessive Force:

Proportionate force can be utilized by police in case a threat is posed against them. Due to use of excessive force, civil rights can be violated. In such situation, compensation can be demanded in case of severe physical injury with the assistance of a police brutality lawyer.

Lawsuit for use Police Taser Gun:

According to the reports from several experts, lots of death has been seen due to excessive use of Taser Gun by police. Serious threat cannot be posed by a victim in jail. Therefore, it is not right to use a Taser Gun against them. In these occasions, a lawsuit can be filed for police brutality.

Police shooting:

If fire is opened by police unnecessarily then it can be judged as brutality. Police shooting are considered as the last choice. Due to the negligence of police, a person can be injured or killed. It is an unjustified incident that cannot be accepted. Wrongful deaths can lead to a lawsuit.

False allegations:

Unlimited authority is not given to police to detain or arrest people. It is important to show reason for arrest. If a person is arrested on the basis of suspicion then it must be justified as well. Both emotional and financial tension can be seen due to an arrest. Therefore, people have a right to file a lawsuit with the assistance from police brutality lawyer.

High profile cases are seen due to police brutality. Therefore, it is not certainly easy to handle. Trusted and reputed police brutality lawyer must be contacted for the purpose.

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