Truck Accidents in 2017

Our roads are full of hard-working, safety conscious, truck drivers that are the lifeblood of American commerce. These drivers put themselves in harm’s way with large, heavy, truckloads of merchandise. One reckless driver, in a car or commercial vehicle, can ruin the road for everyone, and they pose a particular danger for truck drivers. Statistically, accidents that involve trucks are more dangerous. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a Federal agency that provides safety oversight of commercial motor vehicles. They release a compendium of Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts that provide reliable data regarding safety. The 2015 edition (the most recent available) states that 4,311 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes. This is an 8-percent increase from 2014. Additionally, there was a 20 percent increase in fatal crashes involving trucks from 2009-2015. This indicates that more motorists are adopting reckless driving habits. In order to avoid these accidents, drivers should practice good roadway etiquette.

The Nationwide insurance company has posted a few tips for sharing the road with trucks. They advise drivers to give truckers some leeway on the road and they advise truckers to be courteous as well. They suggest giving large vehicles extra space and to slightly reduce your speed if a truck is trying to overtake you on the highway. Small adjustments to your driving practices can go a long way to increase safety. Roadway safety is a matter of life and death. A reckless driver puts everyone in harm’s way. Safety conscious commercial and non-commercial drivers must work together to decrease the risk of driving for truck drivers and civilian drivers alike. If you have suffered because of a reckless driver you should find legal representation that will fight for your best interests. The Mova Law Group has the expertise and ability to earn restitution for any suffering you have endured. Call them to discuss and explore your options.

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