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Here’s the complete and updated list of the google reviews we have received in the past. If you would like to submit a review of your experience with our personal injury law firm feel free to visit our business listing on Google.

Needed a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney after I was t boned at an intersection while visiting family in SD. Lost and clueless as to what to do after getting out of the hospital I was recommended by a close friend to call Chris. You work far exceeded my expectations as an attorney since I figured I would be mainly dealing with the staff, but once a week I got a phone call from Chris giving me an update on my claim. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
Great law firm. Very compassionate and trustworthy attorneys. They genuinely care for their clients. Highly recommend!
Chris and Paola are AMAZING people! I spoke with and went into at least 8 different law offices before I came to Mova Law Group. Upon entering I was greeted warmly from Paola who looked to be super busy, but immediately stopped what she was doing to make me feel welcome. She went over my lawsuit details with me and relayed them to Chris (who has no problem fighting hard for “the little guy.”) When I got into Chris’ office it just kind of felt right. He had talked the talk and looked the part, but wasn’t the same pompous ass that you get from most lawyers. Chris was genuinely nice, very pleasant to speak with and very smart and on his A game. The best part for me was that I was moving from San Diego to Chicago for family and didn’t have time to be there to keep coming in and be there for the whole rigamarole that I would’ve assumed that came with a lawsuit against a large grocery outlet. They kept me informed at every turn and let me know any time there was a change with the case. Never will I go to a different law group or firm. This experience was great from beginning to end. And happy ending it was, the little guy ended up winning and getting more than he assumed. Chris…Paola…You are both my heroes! Thank you so so much for this and everything that you did for me. And doing it with a smile and sounding so happy about doing it!
Mova Law Group is precise, honest and customer service driven. Definitely recommend this company if you need to seek representation after a car accident in the San Diego area.
My accident claim just settled today! So grateful for the hard work and awesome customer service that the team from Mova Law Group provided since day one. If you ever have an injury in the future, this is your go-to law firm if you are in the San Diego area!
Clear direction and honesty. This law firm kept me updated with my case and kept me on track with my dr. appointments. My case finally closed today and I just had to leave a review! From the very start, Chris told me that sticking to my dr appointments would be the main reason why my case would settle and it sure did. Had my car paid off within a week. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in the Los Angeles area, this is your go to guy.
Got rear ended 2 weeks ago and like a lot of people who do, I thought I was ok and tried to brush it off. Started feeling sharp pains on my lower back so I thought maybe I had a case. Googled best injury attorney in San Diego and came across Mova Law Group. Gave them a call scheduled a free consultation that very same day and I’m glad I called. No money out of pocket made me feel comfortable with the process as well as a recommended chiropractor which I’m going too and feeling better. Shout out to the Mova Law Group, highly recommendable.
I have to give a special thanks to Chris and his staff for helping me out with my situation. I went in and with just one meeting I knew this law firm would go above and beyond for me, which they did. Thanks again! I’ll definitely recommend your law firm to everyone that wants the job done right.
I contacted Chris after I was involved in a car accident in June. He and his staff made themselves available to me 24/7, and always returned any missed calls. He handled everything on my behalf, and was very transparent with the entire process. I recommend Mova Law Group highly!!
Being involved in an accident isn’t something you really plan for as you start your day. Mova Law Group made the entire personal injury claim as simple as possible and helped me receive payment within a week. Thanks Chris! Your staff is wonderful and customer service driver.
This is a long overdue review, I cannot say enough good things about the Mova Law Group staff. They have shown me an incredible amount of care and patience. Chris has assisted me through a few unfortunate circumstances. They always provide me with a very quick and honest response even if that means they can’t help me. Chris goes above and beyond with anything I have needed. You can easily tell that Chris cares about each of his clients. Thank you for all your support!!
If you’re searching for a San Diego personal injury attorney then Chris Mova should be your go-to every time! I was rear-ended in January on my way from Riverside to San Diego and my car was wrecked beyond belief. Thanks for the help, Chris.
Where do I begin? I turned to the first attorney recommended, NOT Chris, who berated me for waiting until the last minute, 2 year time frame to file. And, yes, I did wait until the LAST possible moment, there were reasons, not excuses that were varied. I fell over myself apologizing. That wasn’t enough, that attorney took 3 precious days to say he didn’t want my case and went as far to personally criticize me, it was honestly unbelievable. THEN CAME CHRIS! Chris is immensely KIND, supportive, professional, approachable, detailed, respectful, available AND successful!! I honestly cannot begin to list all his positive attributes. It has been a joy and a highlight of my day to receive calls and updates over the few months he took. Even if there wasn’t such a huge contrast between an ugly tempered vs a highly professional attorney, Chris has totally rocked it. Chris WON. I won. We won. He took a case, that was deserving but complex and yet was very successful. He WON! So, I won. What can I say? He is a breath of fresh air. A compassionate human being and an extremely competent professional. I’m blessed to have met him and had his support and help and ultimately experienced his passion for helping people, this equals his success rate, in my opinion. Gotta love this attorney!! And it was handled long distance, kinda. He and his wife are coming to town, so we can actually finally meet. I’m looking forward to it……
I just have to say, I knew I found the right attorney when I found out that Chris and his wife rescue and foster dogs from all over the US. I absolutely love this. It just warmed my little heart! My experience with the firm was equally warm. I could not have been happier with my personal injury claim. Chris Mova and his law firm are completely different than what I typically think of attorneys. They are so compassionate! I set up a consultation with Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys after a pretty bad car accident I was involved in. There were a few attorneys there, but I ended up meeting with the main partner, Chris Mova. He was such a great person. He spoke with me for over an hour. He explained the entire personal injury process. Explained all the risks and benefits of hiring an attorney. Told me what he thought about my case, and went through his entire contract with me paragraph by paragraph. Let me point out, I had been to 2 other attorneys in San Diego, and I felt like I was being sold, kind of like how you would feel at a car dealership. Chris was completely different. Told me to think about everything we spoke about, and told me if I don’t feel comfortable signing the contract that I should go home and think about it. I felt so at ease with him. The complete opposite of how I felt at other law firms. After a few months, Chris and his wonderful staff secured a $100,000 settlement for me. I could not have been happier!! He didn’t take any shi* from the insurance company, he pushed forward with complete confidence. I highly recommend Chris Mova and the entire staff at Mova Law Group! Such a great group of people.