What are some police brutality cases in San Diego in 2017?

Chris Movafagh believes unjust police brutality must be combated in the courtroom. In a time where military weaponry is utilized by the San Diego Law Enforcement Agency to fight crime, police officers increasingly misuse their power by making brutal acts against citizens rather than offering protection.

Local Police Brutality Cases of 2017
Within the past year alone, San Diego Law Enforcement became responsible for several deaths and malicious acts throughout the community. Taking into account some of the incidents will highlight Chris Movafagh’s initiation to fight back for the public.

On May 6th, 2017 San Diego police force exemplified gun violence against a minor by shooting 15-year-old Jacob Peterson to death in his high school parking lot. Peterson proved to be mentally-vulnerable at the time.

San Diego Deputy Christopher Villanueva became responsible for two fatal shootings within only one year of employment; the most recent one being 24-year-old Jonathan Coronel on July 5, 2017. Witness reports explain that both victims were unarmed at the times of Villanueva’s attacks.

Later in July, San Diego police officers condoned violence inflicted by their K-9 partner on 26-year-old Karond Cheatum after he was already in handcuffs. Cheatum’s arm was latched into by the police dog for an excessive amount of time while he was immobilized by handcuffs.

These are only three of often-occurring police brutality instances within San Diego throughout the previous year. These acts will not end if they are not confronted.

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