Insurance Companies Will Reject Your Settlement For These 6 Reasons

While there are numerous excuses insurance companies with use to reject paying you for your property damage, your bodily injury, pain & suffering, future medical bills, and emotional distress, the reasons I have outlined below are some of the most common.


1- Because you made a statement to the insurance company in the spirit of “cooperation”

The NUMBER ONE mistake 60-70% of injury victims make is making a statement, or even talking to, the insurance company. Even if it is your own insurance company, NEVER EVER EVER make a statement to an insurance company unless you talk to an experienced injury attorney.

2- Because there was no police report

Insurance companies will make a big stink about there not being a police report. To the extent possible, try to ensure the responding police officer makes a police report. Ask the officer if she/ he will make one. Most likely, in California, unless someone suffered an injury or any of the vehicles were severely damaged, the police will not make a police report.

However, there is a way around this. Try to video or audio record the at-fault driver apologizing or saying why the accident was their fault. I.e. “Sorry I wasn’t paying attention” “Sorry I ran through the red light” “Sorry I was texting on my phone and wasn’t paying attention.” This kind of evidence will very likely make the insurance company change their mind and pay you for your vehicle damage and injury to you body, plus pain and suffering.

3- Because there was no INDEPENDENT witness

Insurance companies believe that if there was no independent witness, that the accident didn’t happen, or if it did, it was your fault. Insurance companies also believe the people in your car have an incentive to lie, therefore, they are not considered an “Independent witness.”

Unfortunately, there is no way to cure this kind of issue. However, if you contact an injury lawyer who specializes in personal injury, he or she will minimize the negative impact of not having an independent witness.

4- Because you did not seek medical attention

This is how insurance companies think – “If you were injured, why didn’t you go seek any medical treatment.” Essentially, all insurance companies assume you were not injured simply because you never went to seek treatment.

What insurance companies fail to realize is that you have a job which puts food on the table, possibly no health insurance,  maybe a wife, and possibly kids. However, with the right help from a personal injury attorney, he or she can help you minimize the negative impact these issues will have over your case settlement.

5- Because you did not hire a lawyer

Insurance adjusters go through intense training in order to learn how to settle claims as quickly as possible for as little as possible. The moment you sign that release form and send it back to the insurance company, your claim is done. You will NEVER get more money for that claim.

Do yourself a favor and call Mova Law Group before you ever speak with an insurance adjuster. We offer free consultations and if you decide to hire us, we will not collect our fee unless we are able to win your case.

6- Because they have to for their shareholders – They are a for-profit corporation

Look no further than the stock price of this HUGE insurance companies and you know immediately, Insurance companies are not there to protect you, they are looking out for their pocket books, their bottom line, their profits.

They don’t care about your injury, your medical bills, your pain & suffering, or your emotional distress. Their goal is to collect premiums, and not pay out – ITS ALL ABOUT BUSINESS.

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