What are some fidget spinner safety concerns?

Fidget spinners remain wildly popular with children across the globe. Brightly painted and mesmerizing to watch, these handheld gadgets seem harmless by design.

However, they can actually pose safety risks about which parents should be aware. You can protect your children from being harmed by learning about the primary fidget spinner safety concerns.

Small Parts and Choking Hazards
Safety groups in the U.S. and abroad agree that fidget spinners can pose a significant choking hazard to young children. As the toy spins rapidly in a child’s hand, its small parts can easily come loose.

These little bits pose choking dangers for children who are not closely watched and may not know better than to put them in their mouths once they break loose. Hundreds of reports of children choking on fidget spinner pieces have been accumulated by safety organizations. The section of a child’s throat had to be removed during surgery in Houston.

Choking remains the primary concern that safety groups have about fidget spinners. However, other parental watch groups note that cheaply made fidget spinners have tested positive for lead. Lead poisoning can cause significant brain damage in young children. It can also be deadly if it goes undetected and treated.

Even if you do not anticipate your child ever getting hurt by a fidget spinner, it is still in your best interests to know what hazards to watch for as a parent. You also can take prompt action against the toy manufacturer as necessary by retaining a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer and filing a case in court.

You don’t want to take chances with your child’s future if you feel he or she has been exposed to lead or otherwise injured by a fidget spinner. Along with getting medical attention, you can take correct legal action in court by retaining the services of a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer from the Mova Law Group.

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