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At Mova Law Group we work very hard to ensure you get the personal injury case results and justice you deserve! In the past year alone we have done over $24 million in settlements. We will not settle until you get the case result you deserve. At Mova Law Group personal injury is personal!

$1.75 Million

Car Accident Case

Car vs. Car rear-end crash that resulted in an exacerbation of a pre-existing lower back injury and concussion.

$3.6 Million

Car Accident Case

Car vs. Car case where our client suffered neck and back injuries.

$2 Million

Motorcycle Case

Car vs. Motorcycle accident that resulted in arm and hip injuries.

$1.5 Million

Pedestrian Accident Case

Our client was walking in downtown San Diego when she was hit by a company vehicle driven by the owner. The client was diagnosed with a concussion and released from the hospital within 5 hours.

$1.5 Million

Premesis Accident Case

Southern California (San Bernardino County) – slip and fall case that resulted in a cervical fusion surgery and a concussion (brain injury).

$1.25 Million

Car Accident Case

Our client was involved in a disputed liability car crash. Her car sustained about $5,000 in property damage but was not a total loss.

$1.1 Million

Motorcycle Accident Case

Southern California (San Diego) – Car vs. Motorcycle Rideshare accident that resulted in a unique elbow injury and cervical spine injury.


Pedestrian Accident Case

The client was walking across the street and was hit by a vehicle. He was taken to the hospital and had to undergo two types of surgery to fix his severely fractured leg.


Bicycle Accident Case

Northern California (Monterey County) – Truck vs. Bicycle resulted in a brain injury. This case was litigated for over 3 years.

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