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No matter where your accident took place, we are here to help to get you full compensation for your personal injury case. Mova Law Group has the top-rated premises accident attorneys in California. You do not pay until your case is won! Simply request a free legal consultation for your injury accident case below for a review to get started in your journey to recovery.

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Southern California (San Bernardino County) - Slip and fall case that resulted in a cervical fusion surgery and a concussion (brain injury). Our client was a resident of a rental for over 6 years. Landlord never made reasonable periodic inspections of the home in order to find any dangerous conditions. The exterior handrail attached to the porch gave out and our client went head first into the ashpalt. The lanlord claimed our client was faking it all along and the incident never happened. Once we delivered the 911 recorded call to the insurance company, the insurance company finally did the right thing after initially offering $0.


Southern California (San Diego County) - premesis liability case. A gaming wall fell on top of our client and he suffered an exaserbation of pre-existing low-back injury. The business owner was pointing fingers at everyone else and took no responsibility. The business owner's insurance company counter-sued the manufactuter and the designer of the game. After 4 long years of litigaiton, the case was finally settled in 2021 for fair value.
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