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El Cajon Car Accident Lawyer

Every year there are over 15,000 car accidents in El Cajon. Legal issues spew left and right all the while many drivers are unable to afford the costs of damages and pay every day bills. When you have been involved in an auto accident we advise you to give us a call and schedule a consultation with us immediately. We are your El Cajon car accident attorneys with over a decades worth of experience and more than a 98.5% success rate.

Car accidents can be traumatizing and can even threaten your way of life with permanent physical and even emotional damages. Car accidents are prominent on the highway and can be even more so in urban areas where pedestrians and stop lights exist. This doesn’t stop many drivers from making wrong decisions that can cost others damages and even their life. Even the safest driver can be a victim of another driver who is incompetent, distracted, or negligent to the road.
Statistics show a rise in car crash ratings and public awareness, however, car accidents remain the biggest cause of deaths among pedestrians every day. Every year there are an average of 40,000 people killed a year and 2.5 million injured in a car crash. Many accidents in El Cajon happen on Highway 8 where traffic is going in and out of the freeway.

It is important to contact your personal injury lawyer if you are involved in an accident today. Avoid legal issues and choose a law firm that will deliver results and help you pay your bills with compensation you deserve.


El Cajon Car Accident Statistics

San Diego County is the second most populous county in the state of California. It is the home of more than 3 million people. San Diego is even one of the largest cities in America ranking at number 8. This is an amazing fact, but the population also leads to a hotbed of traffic collisions involving cars, bicycles, and vehicles. Below are statistics of motor vehicle traffic collisions in The San Diego county area.

  • 217 deaths are related to traffic accidents.
  • 103 of those collisions were alcohol-related.
  • 12,998 traffic accidents resulted in one or more injuries.
  • 10,614 traffic accidents resulted in property damage of some sort.
  • 57 pedestrians were murdered as a result of traffic collisions.
  • 9 fatal car accidents involved a bicyclist.
  • 972 accidents involved bicycle accidents.
  • 39 traffic fatalities involved motorcycles.
  • 989 accidents involved motorcycles.
  • 39 fatal traffic accidents involving a motorcycle with 989 accidents causing an injury.

Car accidents are a major statistic, but pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists are common as well. If you have been involved in a motor accident it is best to contact your El Cajon injury law firm. A car accident injury in El Cajon California can lead to physical damages, a loss in wages, medical bills, traffic tickets, and more. When you are unable to work you must speak to an injury law attorney to help you compensate for those damages. We offer free consultation for your case in our law offices. Our attorneys at law will work with you to receive your compensation.

Negligence and Your Injuries: what you need to know

Do you feel like your injury could have been avoided had it not been for the action or inaction of another party? Perhaps a floor was wet without a posted sign, or a handrail missing. In other cases, a distracted driver on a cell phone may have caused an accident. There are countless situations in which negligence may have played a role in your injury. If your world has been turned upside down by someone who failed to exhibit ‘reasonable care’ or judgement to prevent damage, injury or death, you may have a case.

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Some of our auto accident cases involve:

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What To Do After You've Been Involved In Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident means you must find an attorney in El Cajon, but before you begin to build a case with use you must understand under California law, you are required to stop and file a report with all parties involved in an accident. If you leave when you are not supposed to you can be charged with a criminal hit-and-run offense for leaving the scene even if you are not at fault.

When you stay at the scene, it would help your attorney to collect pieces of information that will help you build your case if you are involved in an auto accident. Before you leave the scene of the accident, there are important pieces of information that you should collect, including:

  • Names and driver’s license numbers of all persons involved
  • Contact information of those involved in the accident, including addresses and phone numbers
  • Names and contact information of any witnesses
  • License plate numbers of all cars
  • Insurance information, including the insurance company name and policy number, of all persons involved
  • Pictures of the accident

Allow us to be your injury lawyer in El Cajon. Our auto accident attorneys are trained to deliver compensation for your pain and suffering. We will work with the at faults insurance company to bring you the compensation you deserve. Choose your El Cajon Personal Injury Lawyer today and contact us for a free consultation.

El Cajon Courthouse

If involved in an accident you may need to appear or file paperwork at the courthouse in the jurisdiction you were injured in.

El Cajon Courthouse Location:

250 East Main Street
El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: (619) 456-4100

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm