My Rights as a Pedestrian

I have taken to walking to work for health reasons. I realized that my schedule hardly allows me time to get to the gym, so I resorted to one of the most economical and effective ways to work out. While my fitness level has significantly improved, I cannot say the same for my safety on the road.

As a pedestrian on San Diego’s perilous roads, I sometimes feel that vehicles are unconcerned about my safety. I talked to a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in San Diego about my rights as a pedestrian, and here’s what I learned:

• The law defines a pedestrian as ‘any person afoot.’ As long as you fit into this description, the law protects you.
• You have the right to travel on highways and public roads.
• You have the right of way, particularly when the road sign indicates so or in a crosswalk. At a red light, motorists are expected by law to come to a stop, which gives you the chance to cross the road peacefully.
• If an accident happens, you are entitled to similar treatment as the person involved in a car accident while driving. Consult your lawyer as soon as possible to know your rights and claim your compensation.

As much as the law protects pedestrians, you owe it to yourself and other road users to carefully observe the signals on the road. You should always stop, listen, and act calmly. Remember to walk as opposed to running since the likelihood of tripping and falling when you run is extremely high.

I discovered that visiting a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in San Diego provides information that can empower you in the event of a nasty incident. You also learn about your rights, which I find pretty liberating.
If you are a pedestrian who would like to learn more about the road or seek assistance with any pedestrian-related issue, Mova Law Group has lawyers who are well-versed in this area of law. They will ensure that you receive the justice you deserve for any unfair treatment you received on the road.

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