Do mobility scooter accidents qualify as Pedestrian Accidents?

Motorized mobility aids are very popular across the U.S., and they are particularly popular in states like California that experience moderate weather during a significant portion of the year. There is a wide variety of individuals who use mobility scooters, just as there is a wide variety of the type of vehicles. And assuredly, new technology will be developed creating more types of these motorized devices for people who need them. They have now become so popular that the federal government has established legislation that governs the use of the devices, including classification as a pedestrian vehicle.


Motorized vehicles are essentially classed as an electric bike, which means that operators must comply with the same rules of the road required by bicycle operators because they do not exceed the 20 mph threshold. This is an important factor when operators are involved in an accident, and having an experienced San Diego pedestrian accident attorney in mind is always a good idea in case of a mishap.

Comparative Fault

California is a pure comparative negligence state, which means that all parties to an accident are evaluated for personal contribution. The question is to what degree did the injured parties contribute to their own sustained injuries. Any allowable financial damages will be discounted based on that level of contribution, and your San Diego pedestrian accident attorney will have this in mind throughout any injury claim negotiation.

Serious Injury Cases

One of the primary problems with accidents involving motorized mobility aids is that there is very little protection provided for the operator, such as being inside a standard vehicle. The final result is that very serious injuries could be sustained by the mobility aid driver, which also means the respondent insurance company can be very difficult in negotiating an equitable settlement. Injured operators will also need an experienced and aggressive attorney handling their claim.

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