What do I risk financially if I launch a personal injury claim?

California’s tort laws mean you can seek monetary compensation to help cover your expenses if you or a loved one suffer injuries or wrongful death in an accident caused by another’s negligence. But isn’t legal action costly? Is my personal injury case worth suing for? At Mova Law Group, we argue the risk you take to launch a personal injury claim is minimal, but we know it doesn’t hurt to be aware of all the facts.

Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury Case Risks

Most workplaces have insurance coverage due to the risk of injury on the job. Serious injuries can result from slips and falls and other on-the-job accidents. You can file for worker’s compensation or pursue a personal injury claim if your damages are not covered. 

Make sure the events surrounding your injury are documented in an accident report, and that you see a medical professional right away. Then, reach out to the expert personal injury lawyers at Mova Law Group to have your case assessed.

Retaliation and penalization from your employer are prohibited, so you do not risk your job or economic future by holding them accountable.

Insurance Company Risks in Personal Injury Law

Your insurance provider may increase your premiums after a car accident or other injury. You also risk getting drawn into a lengthy legal battle with insurance companies for a fair settlement, especially in comparative negligence cases where both claimants seek payment.

Your most significant insurance risk is dealing with insurers on your own. We recommend securing the services of a personal injury lawyer from Mova Law Group so that we can look out for your interests.

What About Legal Costs in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Mova Law Group takes accident cases on a contingency basis. We do not charge you for our hours or legal costs unless we get you awarded for your damages. 

The assumption of the risk is your attorney’s with contingency fees. If your personal injury lawsuit is unsuccessful, they have to cover their time and fees out of their pocket. 

Using a contingency fee model works in your favor for the following reasons:

  • You can get legal representation if you don’t have money up-front (very helpful if you’re dealing with medical bills).
  • You do not owe your lawyer any legal fees if your case is unsuccessful.
  • Your lawyer is motivated to act in your best interests and get maximum compensation.

It is important to read all contracts when you secure legal representation. You will want to know how much of your settlement you will receive after legal payments. If you do your research in advance, such as arranging a free case evaluation with the law firm of Mova Law Group, you will have no surprises. We will review all details of your claim with you, and explain our next steps.

The Biggest Financial Risk in a Personal Injury Claim

The costliest mistake you can make when filing a personal injury claim is to attempt to take this action alone. An accident attorney knows the ins and outs of the legal system and is familiar with the statute of limitations.

The risks you face, if you do not have an experienced personal injury attorney in your corner are significant. You could encounter any one or more of the following situations:

  • Insurance companies trying to con you into less money or no payout. 
    • Hiring an injury lawyer right after your accident lets them handle all communications with providers and protect your interests.
  • Your evidence needed to make your case is weak and doesn’t meet the burden of proof
    • Mova Law Group has access to expert witnesses, healthcare professionals, and accident specialists who can help. We handle claims of all sorts, such as motor vehicle accidents, premises liability cases, property damage cases, and all types of injuries.
  • Your claim won’t be taken seriously, especially if your negotiating point is too high or low. 
    • At your free case review, our personal injury lawyers will discuss the validity of your claim and give legal advice for an injury settlement amount.
  • You aren’t aware of or able to accurately predict future expenses. 
    • Lengthy medical care, lost earnings, alternative transportation, child care costs, and modifications for disabilities from catastrophic injuries are a few economic damages an experienced attorney knows to consider.
  • You don’t know how to put a numerical amount to non-economic losses like pain and suffering. 
    • The only time there’s a cap on non-economic losses is for medical malpractice cases ($250,000). Otherwise, personal injury law calculates these by multiplying your economic losses by a factor of between one and five. Insurance companies will aim low, but your lawyer will fight for a higher number.
  • You settle for less than you deserve. 
    • Mova Law Group’s team will take the time to reach a settlement or take your accident claim to court. Don’t spend your valuable time in legal battles when you could be recovering.

Hiring a personal injury attorney from Mova Law Group virtually eliminates your risk of further financial losses following an accident. An experienced lawyer actually increases your chances of winning your case and gets you greater monetary compensation than if you pursue the claim yourself. 

Following an accident, you and your family members need all the financial help you can get. We understand that you cannot afford to lose any more money on top of your existing damages. Contact us today, and we can set up a no-risk, no-obligation, free consultation as the first step in your financial recovery.


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