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When Lyft initially began to offer their services in California, they did not have the proper level of insurance coverage nor were they regulated by the same safety standards as other paid transportation services such as taxis.

Furthermore, the agreements that their drivers were required to sign severely limited the drivers’ legal rights in the case of a serious accident while between trips or on their route to pick up a Lyft customer. Both Lyft and Uber were insistent that their liability for accidents was limited to while a passenger was being provided a ride. This created a large window in which Lyft Drivers might injure or be injured while driving for the ride-sharing firm and still avoid culpability. As the company becomes a more popular mode of transportation in California, this loophole has generated safety problems.

How Is Lyft and How Does It Work?

When an individual needs a ride, they can download a rideshare app that picks them up from their location and drops them off at their own unique “destination.” From 2017 leading to 2018, this is one of the most reliable sources of rideshare transportation, plus it is extremely affordable. Lyft is a San Francisco-based company that launched in 2012 and has reached a national and global scale.

A driver will pick you up in minutes after you request a ride and provide your credit or debit card information, and you will be on your way. You will be charged after your ride is completed, and a pop-up screen will appear on your phone asking you to give a review. Many happy customers will post 5 ratings and a tip, although tipping is optional.
You have a variety of services from which to choose.

  • Lyft
  • Lyft Plus
  • Lyft Line
  • Premier
  • LUX

Aside from a standard ride, you can choose from a cheaper alternative, “line,” which picks up other drivers along the way, “plus” is a larger vehicle for more passengers, the premier is used for high-end vehicles, and LUX is for limo-style taxi services. San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Chris Mova can help all Lyft accident victims throughout the United States.

How A Lyft Accident Lawyer Can Help

Contacting an expert after your accident is extremely recommended by our firm for several reasons. 1) You have a short time to seek medical attention and collect documentation proving the extent of your injuries. 2) The Statute of Limitations in California is set for (2) years, meaning if you do not file a claim within (2) years, you are not eligible for compensation from any insurance company.

A skilled attorney specializing in Lyft car crashes understands their policies and whether or not you are covered.

Lawsuits Filed Against Lyft and New Laws

After numerous high-profile cases that resulted in serious injuries and even deaths during these “in between rides” periods, California Legislature passed laws requiring that Lyft provide $1 Million in insurance coverage for their drivers as well as uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage for their drivers and passengers.

This law, which went into effect on July 15th, 2015, was a necessary decision by lawmakers in California to protect the general public and will prevent these ‘loophole’ situations from happening in the future, where these highly profitable rideshare company was operating in our state without providing the proper insurance coverage for a commercial vehicle operator.

If you’re a Lyft Driver or passenger who’s been hurt in a Lyft Accident or a pedestrian hit by a rideshare driver, it would benefit you greatly to contact Chris Mova at the Mova Law Firm. Chris is an experienced lawyer in San Diego who has helped numerous people with their accidents involving Lyft. He has successfully helped victims, just like you seek justice in the form of compensation.

If you’ve been hurt or a loved one has been seriously hurt due to a Lyft driver, call Chris Mova today and he will fight for what you deserve.

When you call a Lyft, the last thing on your mind may be whether or not you will get into a car accident while you are a helpless passenger. Unfortunately, it is a reality that many Lyft drivers get into accidents while transporting passengers across the cities where they work. Sometimes your driver is at fault, but in any case, your driver is covered by Lyft’s accident policy.

You may be wondering what happens if you are involved in a Lyft accident as a passenger. If you are riding in a Lyft, an accident caused by the driver that causes injury may fall under Lyft’s accident policy. That policy can cover the driver’s liability up to a certain amount from which you are able to claim damages for your injury.

The specifics of your accident will determine which policies, coverage, and claims might apply to your case. Any subject of insurance leads to complex complications and criteria. You need to have an attorney explain to you the conditions of benefiting from a claim.

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