What do I risk financially if I launch a personal injury claim?

Personal injury law is rarely as simple as it is often portrayed in the media and in advertisements. Depending on the litigants and their relationships, a personal injury case can be fraught with peril, both professional and financial. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering legal action for a personal injury.


Workplace injuries are extremely common. Anything that puts your employer at danger of a settlement, increased insurance premiums, or potential litigation with more plaintiffs is likely to reflect poorly on you in the eyes of your boss. Even if the job site or management is at fault in an accident case, you must consider the potential loss of income and harm to your future employability if you pursue a case that exposes your employer to financial liability.

Insurance Companies:

Most people with adequate financial advice will have likely already protected themselves with both medical and liability insurance before they are injured. However, insurance isn’t always a panacea. Making a claim will almost always lead to higher premiums and the possibility of a long, drawn-out dispute with the insurer over policy details, settlement amounts and various other entanglements. While insurance is rarely as significant¬† financial issue as a job, it still pays to evaluate the overall costs of a claim or even potential litigation against an insurer against the actual costs of the personal injury itself.

Professional Counsel:

Many attorneys accept personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you will have little or no out-of-pocket expenses. Filing a case against a defendant who is willing to defend and/or disappear on you, on the other hand, can result in legal bills that must be paid by someone. Having stated that, retaining professional and experienced legal counsel is the first step in lowering your risks. Contact a company like the Mova Law Group if you were injured in a personal injury accident in San Diego.

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