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Will My Insurance Cover My Auto Accident?

Will My Insurance Cover my Auto Accident? Whether you’re the victim or the culprit in an auto accident, chances are you want to know what expenses are covered by your insurance. Here’s what to expect. First, you were in an auto accident. Now, you have to worry about the medical bills. It’s a frightening situation, one that 2.35 million Americans face each

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What do I risk financially if I launch a personal injury claim?

Personal injury law is rarely as simple as it is often portrayed in the media and in advertisements. Depending on the litigants and their relationships, a personal injury case can be fraught with peril, both professional and financial. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering legal action for a personal injury. Employment: Workplace injuries are extremely common.

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Hit By An Uninsured Driver? Follow These Steps For A Settlement

Uninsured drivers that cause accident injuries often result in expensive medical bills.   A car accident is a stressful situation and can happen to any of us when we least expect it. But if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, it’s even worse. Unfortunately, some people don’t have car insurance even though it’s the law in most states.

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What is a deposition in a lawsuit?

In just about all civil lawsuits, the parties have the right to conduct discovery for purposes of obtaining new information about their case, defining issues and preparing their litigation strategy. Depositions are a common form of discovery. They’re also a useful tool in arriving at a settlement. They’re authorized by the California Code of Civil Procedure section 2025.220. What happens

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What are some fidget spinner safety concerns?

Fidget spinners remain wildly popular with children across the globe. Brightly painted and mesmerizing to watch, these handheld gadgets seem harmless by design. However, they can actually pose safety risks about which parents should be aware. You can protect your children from being harmed by learning about the primary fidget spinner safety concerns. Small Parts and Choking Hazards Safety groups

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Black Communities Stop Calling 911

As the surge of police brutality against African Americans continues to sweep the nation, more black communities are unwilling or have completely stopped calling 911 for assistance. A recent study indicates that 911 calls from black communities dropped dramatically in Milwaukee after an African-American male was savagely beaten by drunken off-duty police officers who claimed the man stole a police

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