Common Injuries Suffered Due To Motorcycle Accidents

Common injuries that many americans suffer after being involved in a motorcycle accident

While riding a motorcycle may make you look “cooler” and more convenient than those who are in automobiles while on the road.

Having more freedom and advantages along the road has its perks.

A practical example of this situation would be during traffic or rush hours. Motorcycle riders can still make their way forward by maximizing the spaces they can find along the way.

A coin, on the other hand, will always have two sides.
The danger of being badly hurt while riding a motorcycle is twice as serious compared to driving a car! In addition, the injuries sustained by riders in motorbike collisions are often deadly or life-threatening because they were less protected than individuals inside a vehicle.

In this article, you are going to learn about the most common injuries that accident victims suffer from due to motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Can Be Life-Threatening

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can cost you more than the price of your motorcycle if you find yourself in the worst situation. Commonly if there is a motorcycle accident, there are two or more parties involved. Whether you are a victim or not, if you want to invoke your rights, you need the help of a san diego motorcycle accident lawyer.

With the number of listed motorcycle accidents, there are four common injuries incurred by a rider.

  • Head Injury

Head injuries, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), are the main cause of mortality among motorcycle riders involved in an accident.
Every cyclist can benefit from wearing a helmet since it reduces the severity of an accident. However, whether or not a rider is wearing a helmet, a rider who sustains a head injury can still get a TBI ranging from mild to severe concussion due to the impact of the collision being absorbed by the head.

  • Road Rash

Unlike riding in an automobile, motorcycle riders are not enclosed. The skin is vulnerable to injuries if a rider doesn’t wear protective clothing while traversing a road. Road Rash is a general term used for skin injuries suffered by a rider in a motorcycle accident. This kind of injury mostly happens if a rider’s exposed skin is scrapped by the pavement where he or she lands.

  • Spinal Cord Injury

Based on the data of the Mayo Clinic, about more than 35% of spinal cord injuries that happened to riders were caused by auto and motorcycle accidents. This type of injury can lead to mild to severe. We have the best San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers.

Riders involved in a motorcycle accident normally suffer a severe spinal cord injury. The cause of this injury can be taken from the sudden force absorbed by the spine resulting in the vertebrates being crushed, dislocated, fractured and more. These following damages absorbed by the spine can lead a rider into a more severe situation affecting the physical abilities of his or her body.

  • Bone Fractures

A motorcycle needs the support of the rider for it to have its balance along the road. During a motorcycle accident, riders lose their balance, causing them to fall with their bikes or be thrown away from their motorcycles. According to the data from the CDC, around 30% of bone fractures were suffered by the legs and feet of the riders.

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