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Truck Accidents

San Diego Truck Accident Attorney

Trail of devastation is left by a truck accident in most cases. Due to weight of the machines, such huge destruction is noticed. If the truck is moving at the speed of 80 miles in an hour then optimum amount of force can be created that cannot be matched with any other vehicle from the market. Therefore, accidents with the 18 wheels vehicle have become a common incident. Due to increase amount of demand for the delivery goods, trucks have been speeding further with each day. Both the features of speed and weight have led to these accidents. However, a common question can be seen with these accidents. It is “Who is liable” for these truck accidents. The question can be answered perfectly with the trucking accident injury attorney.

The Driver

In most occasions, drivers are accused in the court for accidents. Therefore, lawsuit can be filed against the driver along with a trusted and experienced lawyer in hand. Drivers are certainly one of the reasons behind accidents.

If the truck driver is a part of a vehicle company then the case can take another turn. In case it is an individual truck then the driver is completely liable for the case. To come out of such problems, it is always better to contact a trucking accident injury attorney. Due to a specific situation, difference can be made in to a case. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of such situations.

Trucking Company

A Truck Company can be retained liable for the accident. However, it is only possible if the driver is working for the company as a permanent employee. It is not always possible to involve the trucking company within the periphery of case even if the truck driver is an employee of the company. It is necessary for a truck driver to be present in the truck during the accident. The truck driver must be driving the vehicle for the company. Load plays an important role during truck accident.

Through insurance, damage amount is paid by the accused person whether it is a driver or a company. It is possible to give coverage to the truck driver through carrier’s plan and insurance plan. In case the trucking accident injury attorney is working for the accused then different kinds of methods are executed to limit the claim money. If the attorney is presenting the case from the side of injured person then damage money can be exceeded. Competent lawyers from Fresno can be hired in order to get effective result. Through insurance money, both the damages and medical bills can be handled effectively.

Through a successful team of attorneys, different areas of a case can be handled perfectly. Therefore, you can stay away from stress and tension by hiring a trucking accident injury attorney quite easily. Negligent conduct from the driver and the company is not tolerated in any possible way. Justice is delivered aptly with a lawyer in hand. Due to relaxation from the legal front, injured person can concentrate on the family completely instead of tackling legal hassles.

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    (Verdict) $47,500,001
  • Recent Case Results

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    (Verdict) $4,750,000

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