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Motorcycle riders are a common sight year-round in the state of California, as drivers like to take advantage of the great climate and fantastic sites. In such a populated area with as many motor vehicles as this one on the roads, motorcycle collisions are unfortunately also common. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, accidents will be on the rise again in California in 2022 ( Traffic accidents involving bikes are dangerous to all parties involved and can result in pain and suffering and serious injuries requiring medical attention, and sadly can end with fatalities.

As a rider, you are at a severe disadvantage in a car accident as you are more vulnerable than other passenger vehicles simply due to your size. Cyclists can be lucky to escape a motorcycle accident with broken bones, sizeable medical bills and property damage.

If you or your loved one sustained a personal injury (or even experienced a wrongful death) as a motorcycle accident victim, you need help with your personal injury claim. Motor accident law is pretty straightforward and often ignored. At Mova Law Group we’re here to help! Reach out to our legal team today to learn more about how we can get you the financial compensation you need and deserve under California law. You can contact us through this site or call our 24/7 phone number at (858) 900-9911.

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Recent Settlements


Northern California (Sacramento) – Car vs. Motorcycle accident resulted in arm and hip injuries to the victim. The client was released from the hospital after a few days without proper treatment or diagnosis due to a Covid-19 surge needing the hospital beds. We immediately hired a forensic expert who went out to the scene of the accident to take pictures and reconstruct the conditions of that day. Then, we hired a private investigator who took down multiple witness statements and captured crucial screenshots of witness Instagram pages that explained how the accident occurred. We knew our client was not doing well, so we sent him to doctors in our network who we knew treated hip and brain injuries. He was diagnosed with a concussion (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury), hip injury (torn labrum), and a unique arm injury. We were able to get this case settled eight months after the accident because all the upfront work showed the insurance company we were not playing games.


Southern California (San Diego) – Car vs. Motorcyle Rideshare accident that resulted in a unique elbow injury and cervical spine injury. Our client tried to negotiate with the rideshare company for over 1.5 years without a lawyer and was only offerred $15,000. 1 year after hiring our firm and seeking appropriate medical care through our network of doctors, Chris Mova secured a the full value of the policy limit plus an extra $100,000 from another party.


Southern California (San Diego County) – Car vs. Motorcycle case. Our client suffered a broken rib. No surgery was necessary. A settlement was reached in 7 months.


Despite our lawmakers' efforts to develop more traffic laws and put them into effect, if motorists continue to engage in distracted driving, there will never be any progress toward safer roads! You need legal representation if you or a loved one are injured in an auto accident.

When you consider the amount of advertising the average consumer is subjected to by personal injury attorneys, it becomes difficult to determine who is the best law office to handle your motorcycle accident claim. Selecting the best motorcycle injury attorney is an exhausting process due to the number of lawyers who claim to specialize in motorcycle cases.

If you sustain any injury resulting from a motorcycle crash you must seek medical attention immediately to determine the extent of the injury and properly document all complaints. As part of a law firm representing motorcyclists, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of documenting the collision and all injuries you presently suffer.

No matter the initial severity of the accident, it is essential that the police are called to the scene for a police report to accurately document the accident and the circumstances surrounding the incident and speak with witnesses. If possible, you should talk to drivers and pedestrians who may have witnessed the accident and be sure to take down all necessary contact information. Furthermore, keep a folder of all medical records and invoices received on top of a log of any out-of-pocket expenses.

Insurance companies will often attempt to take advantage of bikers and classify them as careless or reckless. Major insurance carriers often employ this unfair generalization to paint all motorcyclists with the same brush and create the impression that it is their fault for engaging in such a "dangerous" activity.

The statute of limitations in California is two years following the accident, so time is essential to ensure your medical treatment and expenses related to your recovery will be covered. The earlier you can get the support you need from our personal injury lawyers, the better your outcome will be. Don’t hesitate - reach out today!
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The causes of motorcycle accidents are numerous. Negligent drivers have become a reoccurring theme. Unfortunately, automobile drivers fail to operate their vehicles with the safety of motorcyclists in mind and regularly fail to notice instances of lane splitting or bikers making a left turn. Simple precautions, such as checking blind spots not once but twice, and providing a motorcyclist with full use of a lane, are often ignored. Motorcycle accidents may also result from a city failing to maintain its roadways properly. Road conditions such as potholes, excess litter, outdated sewer grates, and other factors can cause motorcyclists to lose control of their bike.

Injured motorcyclists are often the victims of absent-minded and inattentive drivers. Distracted drivers tend to engage in activities that sadly consist of everything but focusing on the road. Technology has allowed motorists to check their email accounts, update social media statuses, and send text messages in a matter of seconds from a single device while operating a vehicle. Along with an increase in careless drivers on the road, bikers are more inclined to tragic accidents because they are often tricky to spot.

An experienced San Diego motorcycle accident attorney will review your case with an initial free case evaluation and can give you legal advice as to what sort of compensation you should be able to seek. At Mova Law Group, we will fight for your legal right to receive fair compensation in light of the losses you suffered due to your crash.


As stated before, due to the difference in size between a car and a motorcycle, the biker will usually come away from a collision with more severe injuries. At Mova Law Group, we know that the effects of your accident will be felt possibly throughout the rest of your life.

Injuries that are seen frequently in motorcycle accidents include:

The medical expenses for these injuries are quite steep, and victims may require years of physical therapy. Loss of bodily function is not considered just economic damage, but an emotional one as well. Permanent changes to one’s life and ability to earn income can cause extreme emotional distress.

The legal team of Mova Law Group knows the cost of motorcycle accidents to the individual and want to win you the maximum compensation possible to allow you to recover as much as possible. While a price tag cannot be put on your life, we do believe you deserve payment to cover the expenses you have as a result of another driver’s error. Let us be your second call following your medical professional, and we will make sure your expenses get covered.

  • We Will Get You Reimbursed For The Cost Of Your Damaged Vehicle For Free.
  • We Will Ensure Your Personal Health Is Taken Care Of.
  • We Will Ensure That All Of Your Property Damage Is Reimbursed For Free.
  • We Will Make Sure That You Have The Choice Of Either Keeping Your Vehicle Or Deeming It A Total Loss.
  • We Will Make Sure That You Are Reimbursed For Your Damaged Vehicle Immediately.

Motorcycle accidents come at a cost, but you shouldn’t be fighting the insurance companies for something that was not your fault!


We help empower victims throughout San Diego to receive the settlements they deserve, especially in no-fault cases of their own. We enjoy helping people who have been wrongfully hurt, and our auto accident attorneys have successfully settled many cases across the region for many years throughout San Diego.

Our reputation has been built on helping injury victims in our community recover and regain their lives through settlements that can cover the health care costs.

Compensation that is on par with your accident injuries is important to us, and we help you to get there. The best thing about our motorcycle accident attorney service is that there are no upfront costs or retaining fees; rather, we operate on a contingent fee basis. To help with your stress-free legal experience, we offer a free consultation to review your case. When a contract is made for working on your case, there are no extra costs or agreed-upon court and service fees until the case is won.

Our offices are always open to the public. Our San Diego office team is ready to help you when you are. Visit us at 3262 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA 92110, and our office number is (858)900-9911.

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Chris Mova is an award-winning brain injury lawyer in San Diego, California. His law firm of Mova Legal Group fights for you against the big insurance companies. Chris knows the value of listening to each client’s unique experience, and his team of personal injury attorneys was hand-picked because they feel the same way. He is committed to getting you justice and fair treatment when you need it most. Learn more about Chris.

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