Bicycle Safety Gear To Keep You Safe In An Accident

Avoid Needing A San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer With Bike Safety Gear

Cycling is one of the most popular hobbies for Americans. It’s the perfect way to combine exercise with your love for exploring the environment.

Street biking is also popular, and can even serve as an effective way to commute to work in some cities.

However, cycling on or near the road can prove to have disastrous effects. But, there is a way to help prevent injury from drivers while biking in this environment.

Protective gear for both you and your bicycle can help alert drivers of your presence and lessen the damage in the event of an accident.

It will also keep you from having to call a San Diego Bicycle  Accident Lawyer.

Not sure where to start? Continue reading to learn about the best protective gear for cycling.

Utilizing safety gear when cycling can help minimize the risk of injury during accidents and the need to hire a bicycle accident lawyer.


When we were kids, most of us recall our parents encouraging us to wear a helmet every time we went biking.
The only thing that has changed as an adult is your ability to refuse to wear one. However, just because you have the opportunity to wear one does not mean you should. Simply by donning a helmet, your chances of suffering a brain injury are cut in half. While they aren’t the most fashionable option, you can’t dispute that not wearing one will make you safer. If you’re going to be cycling on the street a lot, it’s a good idea to have some good head protection.

Protective Cycling Shirts

These are far less conventional than helmets, but they are an option for cyclists who wish to protect themselves as thoroughly as possible. And, protection is a good idea. Not only will an accident bring personal injury, you’ll often need to hire an accident lawyer to handle the situation afterward. This type of reinforced clothing is made of polyester material that is designed to both absorb shock and protect the wearer’s skin. These shirts often come in longsleeved and short sleeved varieties, too, allowing you to adjust to the climate accordingly.

Knee Pads

The knees are (obviously) one of the most important parts of the body. People tend to not realize how inconvenient knee injuries are until they have one. While many people experience scraped and bruises on their knees when falling off their bike, it’s not uncommon to break your knee during a collision. Knee pads will protect you from superficial damage. But, they will also protect your joints themselves, allowing you to easily pick up where you left off.

Shin Guards

The shins are one of the most commonly injured areas during cycling accidents. More often than not, bikers injure their shins from skidding along the pavement. As you can imagine (or remember), this is not a pleasant experience. While you can’t always prevent accidents, you can prepare for them. Modern shin guards aren’t blocky and unwieldy like they used to be. Today, there are smooth and padded models that are comfortable and stylish. Plus, they will help keep your legs warm during the winter.

Elbow Pads

Elbow cushions can significantly reduce the amount of harm you sustain in the event of an accident. Elbow injuries, like knee injuries, are one of the most prevalent outcomes of a bicycle collision. Elbow pads are well worth the money if you want to keep yourself as safe as possible when riding. If you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident as a result of a driver’s negligence, you should seek legal help right away. They’ll give you legal guidance and assist you in moving forward as quickly as feasible.

Padded Cycling Shorts

Like protective cycling shirts, padded shorts are unconventional. Many people choose to wear attire that gives them greater mobility. For the more casual rider, padded cycling shorts are a great choice to prevent injury to the lower body. Plus, you’ll be more likely to save time and money by not having to employ the services of an accident lawyer. It’s worth noting that not all of this protective equipment has to be worn at the same time. This could make cycling very uncomfortable. But, you should wear a helmet under any circumstances.

Preventive Equipment

The best way to deal with an accident is to prevent one in the first place. Many cycling accidents occur because the driver does not see the person on the bike. As you can expect, many accidents also occur at night. By taking the appropriate preventive measures, you can reduce the chance that you will be involved in a collision.


In order to make yourself as visible as possible, reflectors are a necessity. When the sun begins to set, bikers tend to blend in with their environment if they don’t have anything to help them stand out. Nighttime and just after sunset are when the majority of cycling accidents occur. Reflectors mounted to your wheels as well as your bike will help drivers see you.


Not only will a solid light mounted on the front of your bike help drivers see you, it will also help you see irresponsible vehicle owners who drive without their lights on. A strong light will also illuminate the road ahead of you, keeping you from riding over dangerous terrain near main roads. Surfaces such as gravel could cause you to unintentionally slide into the street. Furthermore, you should on mounted on the back of your bicycle to help cars and other bikers see you.

Avoid Needing an Bike Accident Lawyer by Being Cautious

Sometimes, you may not be able to avoid getting in an accident. You may be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, wearing protective equipment can play a huge role in keeping you safe if you happen to get into one. And, avoiding an accident means not only avoiding injury, but also unpleasant legal feels when hiring an attorney.

If you do need to hire one, however, it’s best to go to someone reputable who specializes in dealing with these types of accidents.

To find out if you have a case that can be taken to court, feel free to set up a free consultation.

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