I killed someone during a car crash, What should I do?

If you accidentally kill someone during a car collision, you may be in a great deal of trouble. Often times alcohol is involved, which makes the situation far worse. If you are responsible for the death of a passenger or pedestrian, you need to seek out legal advice as soon as possible.

Unfortunate events have the capacity to change your life forever.
Only a highly qualified attorney who specializes in vehicle accidents can tell you what you’re up against. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the Mova Law Group’s caring attorneys.
They will do everything they can to protect you.

Principal Chris Mova leads a highly-skilled group of professionals who specialize in accidents of all types.

We have a long and successful track record of defending people who have been involved in automobile accidents. If you kill someone during a car crash, you need to know your rights. Our attorneys will guide you through all the intricacies of the legal system so you have a clear understanding of what could happen.

The Mova Law Group and Chris Mova are dedicated to helping you with a thorough defense.
They may be able to help you lower your term and fines. There are moments when you may not be entirely to blame. When pedestrians are hit by a vehicle, they may be at blame. Our business will investigate all aspects in order to determine your level of liability, if any.

So if you have been in a car collision that caused a death, call the professionals at the Mova Law Group today. We are here to help.

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