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It takes less than a moment for a major injury to take place, but the resulting pain and psychological distress can last for months. Some victims never ever make a full recovery. Beyond the physical and psychological trauma, the cost of healthcare and lost earnings can threaten the financial future of your entiree household. Our Citrus Heights accident attorneys comprehend the difficulty you’re facing, and we’re ready to help you fight for the settlement you require to get your life back.

We’ve represented thousands of clients in a large variety of accident and wrongful death cases, and personal injury attorney Chris Mova is among the most well-respected attorneys across the country for assisting attorneys achieve amazing awards and settlements on behalf of their clients. He coaches personal injury lawyers in other states on how to appropriately establish an injury case, how to negotiate it, and how to litigate it, specifically cases including spine injury and brain injuries.

Mova Law Group’s performance history of success speaks for itself. Insurance companies throughout California know that we do not go for anything less than our clients deserve, and we’re not afraid to go to trial if they refuse to work together.

We offer complimentary assessments and accept cases on a contingency charge basis so there is no charge to you ever unless we win. Call our 24-hour phone-line at +1 (916) 400-9558 to talk with a member of our group now.

Types of Claims our Citrus Heights Accident Lawyer Manages:

Mova Law Group is California’s leading injury law firm, particularly for severe accidents and injuries.

We are extremely experienced at successful resolution of the following types of injuries:

Premises Accidents

  • dog bite injuries

  • slip and fall / trip and fall accidents

  • brain injuries

  • burn injury accidents

  • paralysis injury accidents

  • spinal cord injury accidents

  • electrocution injury accidents

  • wrongful death

  • grocery store injuries

  • swimming pool accidents

  • elevator accidents

  • playground injuries

Vehicle Accidents

  • car accidents

  • motorcycle accidents

  • bicycle accidents

  • pedestrian car accidents

  • big rig accidents

  • drunk driving or DUI accidents

  • rollover accidents

  • uninsured motorist accidents

  • uber accidents

  • lyft accidents

  • distracted driving accidents

  • commercial vehicle accidents

  • truck accidents

  • bus accidents

  • police car accidents

  • rideshare accidents

  • school bus accidents

  • taxi accidents

  • head injury accidents

  • whiplash injury accidents

  • truck accidents

  • semi-truck accidents

  • head-on collision accidents

  • hit and run accidents

  • rear-end collision accidents

  • amazon truck accidents

Construction Site Accidents

  • spinal cord injuries

  • wrongful death

  • electrocution

  • amputations

  • paralysis accidents

  • paraplegic accidents

Abuse and Negligence Cases

  • nursing home abuse

  • nursing home neglect

  • elder abuse

Serious and Catastrophic Injuries

  • brain injuries

  • spine surgery injuries

  • spinal cord injuries

  • spinal fusion injuries

  • paraplegia / quadriplegia injuries

  • concussion injuries

  • back injuries

  • amputation injuries

  • burn injuries

  • herniated disc and bulging disc injuries

  • facet joint injuries

  • chronic regional pain syndrome / RSD injuries

  • electrocution injuries

  • lis franc fracture injuries

Personal Injuries

  • wrongful death

  • airplane accidents

  • helicopter accidents

  • boat accidents

  • jetski accidents

  • train accidents

  • amtrak injuries / death

  • battery explosions

  • whiplash injuries

  • pool drowning accidents

  • personal injuries

  • trolley / train accidents

  • elderly abuse

  • ATV accidents

Sex Crimes

  • church sexual abuse

  • church sexual assault

  • boy scout sexual abuse

  • boy scout sexual assault

How Can I Strengthen My Injury Case?

Many individuals assume that submitting a personal injury claim is a relatively simple process.

This is far from true. A conflict can occur anytime of the proceedings and thwart your whole case. Even if you have strong evidence to prove fault, there’s no warranty that the insurer will cooperate and pay a reasonable settlement.

It’s smart to prepare for all possibilities by taking actions to enhance your claim such as:

– Going Through an Immediate Medical Evaluation: Your primary step is to seek medical attention. No matter how small your injury appears, getting an evaluation immediately is essential if you plan to submit an injury claim. Without official documentation of your injury and symptoms, it will be challenging to tie your injury to the accident and to prove its seriousness.

– Protecting Proof: It’s not unusual for a seemingly irrelevant piece of proof to play a crucial function in showing liability or damages. If you crashed your car due to a defective auto part, for example, it’s essential that you maintain the automobile so your lawyer and appropriate specialists can assess the damage. If you get the vehicle fixed, it might be tough to prove that the part was defective or that the flaw was the actual or proximate reason for the injury. To avoid losing important proof, it’s a great idea to talk with an accident attorney as soon as possible.

– Calling a Citrus Heights Personal Injury Attorney: The guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney can help you prevent crucial mistakes that would result in unneeded conflicts, hold-ups, and issues. The faster your attorney can examine your case, the better. Important evidence might be changed or otherwise end up being unavailable. The best time to get in touch with an attorney is instantly after you go through a medical examination, which needs to occur as quickly as possible following the accident or injury, however it absolutely should happen no later than two days afterwards.

– Not Speaking with the Insurance Provider: Do you remember what you were doing in the moments leading up to the accident? Which parts of your body are in pain? Have you been able to return to work? These questions might appear easy and straightforward, but your responses might be taken out of context to contest your claim. Insurance companies are businesses like any other, so among their main goals is to pay claimants as little as possible. In pursuit of that objective, insurance coverage adjusters often ask leading questions to generate reactions that can be used to reject or undervalue claims. The bottom line: Your attorney ought to deal with all correspondence with anyone affiliated with the insurance provider.

– Limiting Your Social Media Activity: Social network posts are typically used by insurance providers to challenge liability or damages. To protect your claim, it’s a great concept to disable your social media profiles or just not use them or post on them until the conclusion of the proceedings.

– Following Your Physician’s Orders: If you do anything that may trigger your injuries to intensify, the insurance company might decline to pay for 100 percent of your damages. By following your medical professional’s orders, you’ll be less likely to deal with a conflict regarding a failure to alleviate your damages.

How Quickly Should I Contact an Attorney?

After a serious injury, there are all sorts of concerns vying for your attention. You may have to complete a rigorous treatment program which could include several doctor’s visits, surgeries, and physical treatments. You may need to find someone to cover your shifts at work, assist with domestic tasks, and help with child care. With a lot to do, it might be appealing to postpone your accident claim; nevertheless, failing to take immediate action could lower your chances of securing a reasonable settlement.

You should get in touch with a Citrus Heights personal injury legal representative as soon as possible. Specifically, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney right away after you have actually gone through the very first medical assessment, which should occur promptly after the accident.

Here are simply a few of the reasons you should set up your free legal case evaluation with Mova Legal without delay:

– Time-Sensitive Proof May Disappear: You will not be able to win without strong evidence to support your claim. Unless you bring the claim versus a no-fault insurance policy, you will need to prove liability, causation, and damages to win the claim. Much of the proof that could be used to prove these aspects might be time-sensitive. If a monitoring camera tape-recorded what occurred, its video footage may be overwritten in a matter of days. The very same applies to dashcam video footage. If you were injured in a slip and fall, the owner of the store may fix the hazard that caused your fall before it can be properly documented. Your Citrus Heights injury lawyer will want to begin assembling evidence at the earliest possible opportunity.

– Eyewitnesses Might Forget Vital Details: It is not unusual for someone who witnesses a distressing accident to forget necessary information within just a few days. It is even possible for their memory to become distorted, and they may recall things that didn’t in fact occur. Your legal representative will want to consult with eyewitnesses while the occurrence is still fresh in their memory. If they saw something that could strengthen your case, your lawyer may depose eyewitnesses through discovery.

– There Are Deadlines for Submitting Tort Lawsuits: If you choose to postpone your legal action for too long, you might lose your right to a settlement. There are time limits for submitting accident lawsuits. The specific due date in your case will depend on the circumstances.

– The Insurance Company May Want a Statement: Many injury claims are brought against the insurance company of the person or entity that is responsible for causing the accident or your injuries. When reviewing claims, insurance coverage adjusters go through a meticulous process to identify whether the claim needs to be approved and, if so, just how much to offer in a settlement. As you might easily understand, the insurer will be trying to find reasons to deny or decrease the value of your claim considering that every dollar they have to pay cuts into their bottom line. One typical strategy they use to challenge claims is to get the claimant to supply a taped statement that brings liability, causation, or another element of their case into question. It is important that your attorney manages all correspondence and communication with all insurers from day one so you don’t say something that would damage your case.

– You Might Make an Early Error That Thwarts Your Case: There are many errors an accident claimant could make that would derail their claim. We have already pointed out how providing a taped declaration to the insurance company could trigger issues down the road. You may likewise encounter trouble if you publish something on social media about the accident. You need to also prevent posting images of yourself taken after the accident. In fact, it’s an excellent idea to remain off social media totally during the proceedings. Another typical error is putting off your medical evaluation or treatments. Your lawyer will advise you to visit a physician right away if you have not done so already. And as soon as you have received a formal medical diagnosis, it is important that you follow your physician’s orders to prevent any issues arising over the mitigation of damages you may be due.

How Can I Increase the Possibilities of Recuperating Fair Payment?

If you engage an experienced attorney from Mova Law Group, our legal team will deal with the logistics of your case so you can focus on your health, household, and other concerns. We will collect proof, develop your claim, consult with relevant specialists if necessary, and deal with the other tasks associated with pursuing the settlement or judgment you should receive.

There are, however, some things you can do to improve the opportunities of securing a beneficial outcome to your case. They consist of:

– Go to a Medical Professional Immediately: Go to a healthcare facility or clinic as soon as possible so your injuries can be formally documented. Not only can this guarantee you get timely treatment, however it can also lower the likelihood of facing a conflict from the insurer.

– Follow Your Medical Professional’s Instructions: You have a responsibility to reduce your damages by following the guidelines of your medical team and taking reasonable steps to facilitate your healing.

– Let Your Attorney Handle Conversations with the Insurance Company: Your declarations to the insurance adjuster might be taken out of context or misrepresented intentionally to damage your case. The best way to manage correspondence with the insurer is not to speak with them at all but, rather, to let your Citrus Heights accident lawyer take control of this discussion.

– Protect Proof: Any files and other evidence that might reinforce your case ought to be carefully preserved. These include medical records, monetary records, images of the scene, and eyewitness statements and contact information.

– Keep an Accident Journal: A personal injury journal is a record you can use to track how the injuries are affecting your individual wellbeing, such as your ability to work, or to use your arms or legs. In addition to making notes about family and social events you have to miss, or work obligations you cannot perform, you should also write down notes about your symptoms, their severity, and their frequency.

– Stay Off Social Media: By staying off social networks, you will be eliminating a typical source of proof used by insurance companies to contest claims.

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