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An accident that results in serious injury can change one’s life in an instant. With the consequences and aftermath being devastating not only to the victim, but also for his or her family.

Don’t let a personal injury destroy your life. Find out how a personal injury attorney from Mova Law Group Can Help.

The wake of an injury can have a ripple effect on several areas of your life. With little or no income from time off work, expenses and extensive medical bills can pile up fast. With more serious injuries, you may need to take prolonged time away from your job to heal.

Mova Law Group knows how challenging this time can be, and has dedicated its firm to representing accident victims needing immediate help with their claims.

Personalized Support, Aggressive Representation

When someone in the Corona, CA community gets injured in an accident, they face an uphill battle, not just with recovery, but with returning to work, and in dealing with insurance companies eager to minimize payouts or outright deny claims.

For them, you’re just a number in a billion-dollar profit statement. To us, we take it personally. We fight for the people of Corona, CA each and every day, working tirelessly to help you the compensation you deserve.

Mova Law Group is here to help accident victims rebuild their lives, take back control of their financial future, and get the help they and their families deserve.

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Free Strategy Session For Corona, Ca Residents

Our personal injury attorneys take clients’ cases personally. At Mova Law Group, a personal injury attorney will offer you more than just a ‘free consultation’. We take the time to understand what led up to the accident, uncover who is responsible, learn more about the challenges you’re facing, and if we take on the case, fight aggressively to get you the settlement you deserve.

During Your First Consultation You’ll Meet with an Experienced and Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney Who Will:

  • Listen To Your Story. You Will Have A Chance To Tell Everything To Someone Who Wants To Hear What Happened To You.
  • Based On The Information That You Provide, He/She Will Give You The Best Advice On Any Claims You Have, And Advise On What Next Steps You Should Consider To Proceed With Your Claim(S)
  • If Your Claim Is Something That He/She Thinks He Can Help You With, Your Personal Injury Attorney Will Explain The Services That We Can Provide For You, And The Next Steps That We Should Take.

The thought of a personal injury case, dealing with insurance, negotiations, and even a trial (if necessary) can be daunting. Let us put to rest some of these unknowns and concerns that you may be experiencing. We’ll shed some light on what you can expect, and how to best pursue the benefits you deserve.

If we take on your case, our team of talented legal professionals will create a custom personalized plan of action on how best to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Consultations are free, and if we take your case, you only pay when/if we ‘win’ you a settlement or compensation in or out of court. You have enough to worry about right now and don’t need another bill on your plate.

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Corona Ca Accident Attorney

Corona Ca Accident Attorney

Known to locals as “The Circle City”, this fast-growing city, situated within Riverside County, is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. It is also, unfortunately, a city where accidents such as pedestrian, car and motorcycle accidents put loved ones at risk.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident in Corona or Riverside County, a Corona accident attorney can help make sure you get the assistance you need and the compensation you deserve.

California Car Accident Law

California has over 50,000 miles of roadways, travelled by millions of individuals each day. From scenic routes through the state’s beautiful landscape, to commuting to and from work, all this time on highways and roads, unfortunately, results in a lot of accidents.

Luckily, California law applicable to Corona residents protects and provides victims of accidents with certain rights and remedies.

How At-Fault Laws Work in Corona

California is an ‘at-fault’ state, meaning that while claims (lawsuits) can be filed against the party you believe responsible for your accident, you must PROVE fault against that party.

If that party is found to be at fault, you may be able to claim reimbursement in the form of compensation for a range of damages and expenses caused as a result of your accident.

An experienced Corona accident attorney can make sure your case is positioned to achieve the best possible outcome, getting you and your family the resources, support, care and financial compensation that you deserve.

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Why Choose Mova Law Group?

Putting you and Your Case FIRST

Our purpose Mova Law Group is to change the status quo of law firms treating a client like a file in a cabinet, or a number in a computer.

The approach we take at Mova Law Group puts you and your needs first. We treat our clients like one of our own, and we consider each client that comes in seeking our help like family.

Talented Legal Team Ready to Fight For What You’re Owed

Our team brings a high degree of skill to the table, and an aggressive style of representation that brings the fight to the insurance companies and other responsible parties. We believe in the pursuit of justice and what’s fair for our clients, and in rolling up our sleeves and putting in the work.

A Track Record of Success

We’ve represented and won a broad range of personal injury cases, supporting accident victims in their pursuit of justice and compensation.

We recognize how hard it is to deal with an injury and its impact on your health, your finances, your ability to enjoy life, and your family’s stability.

We make it our mission to get to know you, to fully understand your situation, and to do everything in our power to help you regain what you lost so you can move on with your life.

Holding Those Responsible Accountable for the Damage They’ve Caused

People who fail to behave responsibly do terrible harm to unsuspecting victims. That’s why so many people across Corona have selected us to represent them, and why so many of our clients are referred to us by others who’ve worked with our law firm.

If you’ve been hurt, we want to hear from you. Our team is standing by and eager to represent your case.

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Types of Accident Cases We Represent

Our lawyers handle all types of personal injury cases, including:

Showing Fault And Liability

California’s Pure Comparative Negligence

In some cases, a victim may be found to have been partly at fault for contributing to the accident. This means that the liability for the accident may not be entirely placed on the other party. In the state of California, the laws follow a ‘comparative negligence model’ for all personal injury claims, meaning that the amount of your settlement or judgement could be reduced by the percent you were found to be at fault.

The right accident lawyer will work hard to build a case and highlight supportive evidence that solidifies the other party’s negligence and fault, minimizing your level of fault or reducing it to zero.

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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There is no requirement that you have legal counsel when talking with an insurance company, or when trying to pursue a personal injury claim suit. However, taking on ‘big insurance’ or expensive corporate lawyers on your own is ill-advised. Although they may act like your friend, remember that insurance and the opposing legal counsel’s job and first priority is to:

  1. Reduce the liability you allege their client/customer has; and
  2. Minimize the financial impact on their client’s bottom line

Both of which mean that they will offer you the lowest possible compensation possible, or outright deny your claim altogether.

Don’t get bullied by expensive lawyers and insurance companies. Put our team in your corner and let us negotiate, and if necessary, sue in court, for what you deserve.

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Why You Should Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

Investigate Your Accident: Accidents can be simple or complex, sometimes requiring intensive investigation to prove who was at fault for the crash and which party is liable for compensation you for your damages and/or injuries. An accident attorney has the skills and resources to conduct an in-depth independent investigation to support your claim and get you paid.

Understanding the Law: Insurance companies don’t always have your best interests in mind. An accident attorney can help you understand your rights under California law and what options you have to pursue a claim.

The Insurance Claims Process: An accident attorney will navigate the complex and burdensome insurance claims process for you, putting pressure on the insurance company to do what’s right and expedite claims processing and payment. Representation: Claims can sometimes be negotiated and settled with insurance companies out of court, but even then having an aggressive representative negotiating for a higher payout under your policy is advantageous. In other cases, a lawsuit may need to be filed in order for you to get what you deserve.

Why You Should Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

How Much is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

It’s almost impossible to quantify what a personal injury claim is worth. Every personal injury case is unique.

However, to put things into perspective…

There are 3 main drivers of the value of a personal injury claim:

  • The First Consideration Is How Badly Was The Person Injured? If Someone Has Broken Their Arm And Their Leg, That Case Is Going To Be Deserving More Compensation Than A Case Where Someone’s Just Bruised Up.
  • Another Major Driver Of How Much A Claim May Be Worth Involves Whether Or Not The Claim Qualifies For Other Categories Of Damages That Might Be Available For Example, Lost Income, Mental Anguish, Or Physical Pain And Suffering? These Are The Types Of Things Insurance Companies, Courts And Lawyers Look For When Deciding On What A Claim Is Worth.
  • The Last Thing Major Consideration Is The Legal Responsibility For The Injury. Can The Injured Person Prove, To The Extent That They Need To, Who’s Responsible For The Injury, And To What Extent Or Degree? If That Can Be Proven Very Clearly, Then That’s Going To Be A Stronger Case Deserving Of More Compensation.

At Mova Law Group we work hard to establish, justify and build your case, supporting each claim and positioning your case for the highest chance of success.

Common Types Of Injuries Involved In Accidents

Types Of Compensation You May Be Able To Claim

  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earning potential
  • Medical bills
  • Physical and psychological therapy
  • Medical and assistive devices
  • Transpiration to and from the doctor
  • Prosthetic costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Mental anguish and distress

What Steps Should I Take If I’m Involved In An Accident?

At the Scene of the Accident

  • Stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Call 911
  • Obtain the information of everyone involved (name, phone, address, driver’s license numbers, etc.)
  • Write down the license plate numbers and VIN numbers of all involved vehicles
  • Ask to see the other party’s driver’s license and vehicle registration to validate the information they gave you
  • Ask to see the other party’s driver’s license and vehicle registration to validate the information they gave you
  • Obtain the information of any witnesses or passengers
  • Use your cell phone to take photographs and/or video of the damage, injuries, position of vehicles, traffic signs, visual obstacles, weather and more.
  • Notify your insurance company as soon as possible
  • If the damage exceeds $750, report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days
  • Consult with an accident attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and pursue a possible claim

Things to Avoid

  • Never argue with other drivers or passengers
  • Do not ever sign any statements regarding your ‘fault’ in the accident
  • Do not ever, even verbally, offer to pay for any other party’s damages

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Types Of Accident Cases We Take On

Backed by decades of experience in and out of court, we take on a wide range of accident cases aimed at helping our clients move forward from what is arguably one of the worst experiences of their lives.

Common Accident Cases we Represent in Corona, CA:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Ride Sharing Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Slip And Falls
  • Product Liability
  • And More…

Corona, CA Accident Statistics

  • More Than 650 Annual Accidents Resulting In Injury Or Death
  • 70 Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles And Pedestrians Or Bicycles

Where Do Most Vehicle Accidents In Corona, Ca Happen?

  • I-15 and associated intersections
  • Highway 91
  • Silver Strand Boulevard
  • East/West Grand Boulevard
  • Magnolia Ave. & Rimpau Ave.
  • McKinley Street & 91 Freeway
  • Foothill Parkway & Wisteria Way
  • South Lincoln Ave. & West Ontario Ave.
  • Green River Road & Palisades Drive

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