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Motorcycle Accidents

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Quick actions are mandatory if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. The risk of suffering from a serious or life threatening injury is always at it’s highest as a motorcyclist.

Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can help you recover any lost wages, damaged belongings and future wages. All that you need to do is give us a call at (858)333-4999 and we can schedule your free motorcycle accident consultation today.

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Actions To Take After Being Involved In A Motorcycle Crash

Accidents don’t happen to an individual too often, but when they do, things can get ugly….FAST. Call Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys for a free consultation and case evaluation before speaking to any insurance company. Listed below are the steps you should take after being involved in a wreck.


Get To Safety – If you are able to, move to a safer area, away from any possible risk.

Take Photos – If possible, take pictures of both your motorcycle and all vehicles involved.

Gather Witnesses – Ask any people who have helped you if they are willing to assist you as a witness.

Seek Medical Attention – Go to the ER as soon as possible. We recommend going via Ambulance, but that is completely up to you. Just make sure that you seek attention for your injuries.

Call Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys – Our Motorcycle Lawyers are on standby 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Stay Consistent With Medical Appointments – We will schedule appointments with you and a healthcare specialist to evaluate your injuries. It is extremely important that you attend all scheduled appointments. Gaps in treatment rarely convert into a successful case.


Motorcycle Accident  Safety Video


San Diego Motorcycle Crash Statistics

Per statistics in San Diego County, the average motorcyclist is 35 times greater than a passenger car to be involved in an accident.

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In 2013, 2 wheelers accounted for 93% of all motorcycle fatal crashes. Also, these drivers accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities.

Fatality Accident Statistics via Motorcyclists 



Motorcycle Lawyer in San Diego

Unbelievable sensation can be seen from the side of riders after they have met with an accident. However, due attention cannot be seen from the other driver. Therefore, faulty driver must be detected in the court to acquire damage from the insurance company. An injury attorney from San Diego plays an important role in the process.

If you have been injured due to a motorcycle accident as a result of negligence from other person then lawyers can be contacted immediately. Optimum amount of help can be obtained in due course. Dealing with the expensive medical bills can be seen as a troublesome affair. Long recovery period can create an effect on the work. Therefore, it is your right to get compensation from negligent driver through motorcycle defense. Legal team can be consulted on the occasion. 


Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

In case of a safe driver, motorcycle accidents can be observed as well. Due to following factor, driver can be lead to an accident.

Careless Drivers

As a result of low appearance of motorcycle in comparison to trucks and other kinds of vehicles, it becomes quite hard for a driver to detect a motorbike in the crowd. Therefore, more amounts of accidents can be observed with the motorcycle. It is especially seen with the negligent driver. It is important to listen to the advice from the motorcycle accident injury attorney for this purpose. More than thousand motorcycle accidents have been seen in the state of California exclusively.

Hazards in Road

Both the local and state government has been given charge to take care of the roads properly. Potholes can be considered as a dangerous aspect for the motorcycle rider. Therefore, it must be retained in a good condition.

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Lack of Communication

Group traveling can be observed with the motorcycle. In order to avoid accident, it is necessary to maintain proper communication between groups. Collision within group can be eliminated in the process.

Know about the helmet laws in California from Motorcycle accident injury attorney                

Helmet law of universal nature is seen in California. Rider can get information about this law from the motorcycle accident injury attorney in details. It is necessary to wear a helmet every time by the rider. According to the statistics from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, risk of serious injury can be reduced to 29% with a helmet. Every year about 400 people die due to a motorcycle accident.

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  • Recent Case Results

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