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San Diego Dog Bite Attorney
dog Bite Accident

Everything You Need To Know About Dog Bites in San Diego

California has laws that protect people that have been injured by dogs. Dogs can seriously injure or even kill someone. Unfortunately, most dog bite victims are children.  It is important to know what classifies as an injury in order to receive damages. Common dog bite injuries include: Brain injuries  Permanent scarring  Spinal cord injuries Disfigurement Nerve damage  Psychological trauma  Infection 

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Male German Shepherd Dog Bites Man
dog Bite Accident

How To Prevent Dog Bites

How To Avoid Needing To Hire A San Diego Dog Bite Lawyer In order to prevent the need to hire a lawyer after being attacked by a dog, follow these steps: Your dog might be your best friend, but not all pups are the same. Sometimes dogs may bite. Under any circumstances, a bite has the potential to be dangerous.

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Silhoutte of a dog walking towards a sitting woman
dog Bite Accident

3 Treatments You’ll Need After A Dog Attack

Skin damage Injury to underlying tissues such as muscle, nerve, and bone Infection It’s simple to see that the skin has been harmed in a dog bite, but it’s also necessary to analyze the underlying structures that may have been hurt as well. The patient is often concerned about the wound’s cosmetic look; while this is important, the health care

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