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Motorcycle Accidents

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Many Temecula residents enjoy their motorcycle transportation whether it is for work purposes or taking their bikes out for a quick spin in the town.

Being involved in a roadside accident is usually on the back of one’s mind as they are on their motorbikes. While most riders assume that they are safe, unexpected accidents do happen. Injuries suffered after a bike crash are often more severe than other accidents. Reason being the riders exposure to no safe surroundings that a driver inside of a vehicle would have.

Aside from the lack of protection, the risk to nature’s environment such as rain, hydroplaning, slippery rocks and potholes can throw a rider viciously off of their bike. Common Harley Davidson accidents usually end up with broken bones and serious road rash irritation. These riders are consistently being put at risk for high injuries and even death after a crash.

Motorcycle accidents can be traumatic and life-changing, taking the lives of thousands of American riders every year. Thankfully the roads located in Temecula, CA are reasonably safe and well maintained. Unfortunately just relying on safe and sturdy roads will not prevent the actions of another driver from impacting into an innocent rider on the road.

How Much Does A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Temecula, CA Cost?

Regardless of the severity, size or date occurred, retaining our services will never cost you a penny out of pocket upfront. Mova Law Group works off a contingency basis meaning we do not receive payment unless you do! We offer free consultations and motorcycle accident case evaluations. Contact us today to schedule a free consult.

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the US NHTSA, 10 cars out of 100,000, end up in fatal crashes. That same case study shows that the rate for motorcyclists is 73 out of 100,000 registered motorcycles on the road today.

Based off of IHSS traffic safety – Forty-one percent of motorcyclist deaths in 2015 occurred in single-vehicle crashes, and 59 percent occurred in multiple-vehicle crashes. This has remained largely unchanged since the 1980s.

In 2015, 61% of female motorcyclists who were passengers had died after a crash while on the highway.

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